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Reflecting on Thanksgiving

View a glimpse into life at Caringo, our culture, what makes us tick, and why we are grateful for our customers, partners and colleagues.

Caringo Thanksgiving
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There is much lore around the origin and evolution of Thanksgiving and harvest festivals, and it is celebrated differently in various countries. In the United States, where Caringo is headquartered, Thanksgiving falls on this Thursday. For many of us, we use it as a time to reflect on what we are grateful for. So, I’d like to use this as an opportunity to give you a glimpse into life at Caringo, our culture, what makes us tick, and why we are grateful.

Our Customers

It is an honor to serve our customers and to contribute to the success of organizations that make a true difference in the world we live in. Caringo Swarm enables so many worthwhile missions, including:

Our Partners

From technical partnerships with innovators such as FileCatalyst, Marquis, and Levels Beyond (the brains behind ReachEngine) to value-added resellers and systems integrators, our partners help us so we can help more organizations around the world solve the challenges of storing and protecting data in the 21st century

Our Colleagues

The camaraderie at Caringo is like nowhere else I’ve ever worked. From the executive team and original employees to the last hire, the teamwork at Caringo empowers us to provide our customers with exceptional products, support, and information. Rather than competing for resources, the divisions in our company support each other, and always with a focus on doing the best thing for our customers. We have engineers who write blogs and whitepapers to help marketing and who travel to tradeshows so they can provide in-depth demonstrations to potential customers. The Marketing team’s Web Dev guru has become an extended member of the User Interface team. Our Product Managers are deeply technical and work with the Engineering teams on a daily basis to ensure the products we release work as intended. And, on the rare occasion that one of our customers has an issue, everyone steps up to take care of it (or as we like to say, we all work for the VP of Engineering & Support until the issue is resolved).

Work-Life Balance

Don’t get me wrong. The people at Caringo work harder than I’ve seen at any other company in my career. But, they do it because they love what they are doing and they believe in our core mission: to change the economics of storage. However, it is balanced with choices to work where they want or need to work and to take time to care for themselves and those they love. And, while some of us may be unplugging for the holidays, our Support Team is watching over our customers 7x24x365.

If you need help making your holidays stress free and want to learn more about how to do that with continuous built-in data protection, contact us.

Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

About The Author

Sarah Cook is Caringo's Director of Marketing and brings deep expertise in Product Marketing and Technical/Marketing/Corporate Communications. Sarah has worked for some of the biggest names in technology including Dell and Cisco and holds a B.A. in English Composition with a minor in Music from the University of North Texas. She sings with and serves on the Board of Directors for Panoramic Voices, a 501(c)3 choral collaborative in Austin, TX.

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