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Phone Home—Swarm Brings You Health Reports


Blog-9.22If you’re out on a boat in the Gulf of Mexico in a storm and something goes wrong, you will invoke the search and rescue system to get help. But, what you really want is to skip that time-consuming search phase and get rescued straight away. These days, technology such as personal locator beacons and the Coast Guard’s “Rescue 21” system can do just that by transmitting details of where you are and the nature of your emergency.

When you have a storage cluster made up of racks and racks full of commodity hardware running smart software that turns them into storage appliances that self-organize and self-manage, running in a complex and heavily loaded IT environment, and you suspect that things are not working as they should, it’s not unlike being in that storm on the gulf—you really want to skip that search phase and go straight to rescue. Like a locator beacon, Swarm has the (optional) capability to send daily health reports back to Caringo. In most cases, these health reports allow our support team to check your storage cluster and determine what’s going on quite rapidly, so if you need rescue we can get started immediately.

With the new 7.5.3 release of Swarm, we’ve added the ability for you to monitor those health reports yourself—just click on the “Health Report” link on the Swarm console. This gives you an easy way to keep track of the general health of your cluster, including storage usage, load, operations mix, etc. Best of all, it works from any web browser anywhere—even from your smartphone or tablet. Samples are shown below.

Caringo_Phone_Home_Reports__Confidential_ (1)

Caringo_Phone_Home_Reports__Confidential_ (3)

Sending health reports to Caringo does require a path out to the public internet which isn’t feasible in some cases. This is why we give you complete control of the feature and you can turn off the “send to Caringo” capability. We also removed all user data from the reports—just information about operation and configuration are displayed.

Health reports help us take care of you, and now, they provide a direct benefit to your storage administrator as well! Be sure to upgrade to this latest version of Swarm and check it out for yourself. Then send us your feedback so we can keep the improvements coming!

If you want more information on the enhancements made to Swarm in July, check out this blog by our VP of Product, Tony Barbagallo. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to speak with one of our Product Specialists and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+ to keep up with the latest news!

TW Cook
TW Cook

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TW is a sailor and currently a Coast Guard auxiliary flotilla commander. He has worked in many roles including VP Product Development, VP Professional Services, VP Software Research and President in startups, large companies, and MCC, a technology research consortium. TW holds a BSEE from Rice University and an MSCS from the College of William & Mary.

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