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No, It’s Not Just You, Digital Video is Everywhere

It is easier now than ever before for video streaming services to launch and rapidly scale. The question is why and how.

Home Surveillance Using NFS and Object Storage

Surveillance video use case shows use of a single namespace for the Swarm Object Storage Content Portal, S3 clients and NFS from command line

Point Break: When to Archive Content On Prem or in the Cloud

Capacity, data centre space, ingress/egress time, staffing & costs. Which break point will lead you to evaluate your data archival strategy?

Lower Storage TCO & Improve Efficiency for M&E Orgs

As studios & post-production houses develop new content, it is critical to lower storage TCO & improve efficiency for remote video workflows.

Data Access is Critical to Solving the World’s Big Problems

The HPC community focuses on solving some of the world's biggest problems. That means gathering and analyzing massive amounts of data.

Containers & Server Software Deployment: The Push to Immutable Infrastructure

Using containers can solve the “golden image” problem—pulling you out of DLL hell—and, using object storage to make containers stateless makes running them a breeze.

From Bystander to Pro: Video Storage & the Nonstop News Cycle

The amount of video footage that needs to be archived indefinitely and accessed almost instantaneously is growing exponentially.

Democratizing the Broadcast Experience

Anyone with a computer, phone and internet connection can now create, edit and broadcast content to millions of subscribers, democratizing broadcasting

Protecting Enterprise Content with the CIA Triad

Learn how XeniT delivered on the CIA promise for a Belgium-based insurance company using Alfresco ECM and Caringo Swarm Object Storage.

How Object Storage Makes it Easier to Access Data

Caringo Swarm Object Storage was built from the ground up to provide “anywhere/anytime” data access capability along with massive scalability

Caringo’s Top 5 Videos of 2020

Check out the Top 5 Caringo Videos being watched in 2020 as viewing habits are including more screen time both for entertainment and business.

Caringo Named to Top 40 Coolest Software-Defined Storage Vendors in CRN Awards

Caringo named to Top 40 Coolest SDS Vendors in CRN's inaugural Storage 100 list of the best, brightest and most innovative storage providers!