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High-Performance Computing with Object Storage

The size of HPC data sets is exploding. With Swarm Object Storage, manage thousands of tenants and billions of files while simplifying access

Verifying Content Integrity in Swarm Object Storage

You can verify data in Swarm Object Storage using Content-MD5 methods, Integrity Seals or Lifepoint Metadata Headers (WORM).

Swarm Object Storage Now Goes to 11

With Swarm 11, we gave “that extra push over the cliff” to accelerate access to video files with an on-demand archive.

Object Storage at IBC2019

We head to IBC2019 next week. Visit our team at Stand 5.C33 to learn how Swarm Object Storage provides an on-demand archive for M&E workflows.

How Object Storage Optimizes Your Time & Resources

Discover the benefits of object-based storage and learn how Caringo Swarm Storage optimizes your data storage with on-demand access to data

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Swarm Object Storage!

Data, like luggage, must be stored within a defined space and items need to be easy to retrieve. So, buckle on up with Swarm Object Storage!

Selecting the Right Data Storage Tools for the Job

Need data storage, but not sure what type? Determine if SAN, NAS, Tape or Object Storage is the right fit and get tips on evaluating products

Object Storage Delivers Archive Access and Agility for M&E Workflows

Caringo Swarm Object Storage Software is focused on accelerating archive access and agility for digital video streaming and workflows.

Resilience & Recovery with Swarm Object Storage, part 2

With data resilience & recovery mechanisms, Swarm Object-Based Storage Software eliminates worry about data protection and availability.

Resilience & Recovery with Swarm Object Storage, part 1

Data resiliency has been a feature of Swarm from day 1 and the architecture of Swarm object storage has never had a single point of failure.

Illuminate Your Dark Data with Object Storage

Extensive custom metadata capabilities and Elasticsearch in Swarm Object Data Storage simplifies the task of locating discrete types of data.

Unleashing the Power of Object Metadata with Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch distributed search & analytics engine with RESTful API is used with Swarm Software to enhance metadata searching operations.