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Enabling Object Storage Efficient File Movement

Pairing Partial File Restore with SMB, NFS, HTTP and Amazon S3 protocols enables digital video to reap the benefits of object storage

Top Object Storage Learning Resources for 2019

From metadata to video workflows and migrating data from SAN, NAS & tape to object storage, here are the educational resources you need.

Object Storage: Enabling On-Demand Workflows for Sports Video

While object storage isn’t a panacea, it is an increasingly important storage technology that enables on-demand access for video workflows.

Scientific Breakthroughs and the Role of Data Storage

It will take a coordinated approach of data storage, networking and analysis tools to streamline collaboration in the scientific community.

What are the 5 Tiers of Storage for New Video Production Workflows?

What are the characteristics of each storage tier and when should you use NVMe, SAN, NAS, Cloud, Object, or Tape Storage?

Performance Testing for Object-based Storage

What should you watch for when reviewing performance statistics for object storage? Just how should performance testing be conducted?

Reflections on the 2019 NAB Show in Las Vegas

NAB '19 Show crew shares observations from the show floor. The need for object-based storage is on the rise and attendees understand the value of the technology

NAB Show 2019: With Object Storage, You Don’t Have to Gamble

Swarm object-based storage is headed back to Las Vegas for the 96th annual NAB Show (you can find us in Booth #SL13310). Get the scoop on what is new, and then make sure to visit us.

World Backup Day & Data Protection, part 2

backing up data is all about having redundant copies of your files so that if the primary copy is destroyed you have an option to fall back on.

World Backup Day & Data Protection, part 1

World Backup Day is designed to encourage individuals to back up their personal data. Options and strategies for backup and data protection.

Caringo FileFly Data Management Tool Reaches Full Bloom

FileFly tiering to AWS, Azure, Google, and Swarm gives you policy-driven, S3-compatible data management so you have the freedom to choose how, where and when to store your data.

Enabling “On-Demand” in Digital Video Workflows

How do you enable HTTP in existing workflows? A lot of the underlying workflows and enabling applications and infrastructure don’t natively interface with HTTP.