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Object Storage: We’ve Got Your Back, Part 2

Stop living in fear of a hardware failure, object storage makes data recovery faster, easier and more cost effective. Simplify your backup strategy with Caringo Swarm.

When Disaster Strikes
When Disaster Strikes

Earlier this week, I talked about how object storage gives you the benefits of automatic protection. Of course, the whole point of backing up is to prepare for the reality that hardware fails at the most inopportune times. IT shops vigilantly prepare for this, but once things go south, there is always the question of what to do to fix the problem.

When Disaster Strikes: Getting Your Data Now
The great thing about keeping your data in object storage is that when a storage volume, chassis, or rack goes down, the rest of the cluster automatically steps in and actively restores the data for you without you having to lift a finger. This protection can even span across multiple data centers, for example to a remote disaster recovery site, so an entire location’s data can be protected in the event of a major calamity.

So, now your backup processes have been streamlined, you’ve got your data automatically replicating to your DR site, and you’re getting the best sleep you’ve had in weeks…then it happens. Something major goes wrong and you need to make sure all the data is there. What do you do?

Well, if you have a Swarm object storage cluster, all that is needed is to simply replace the failed hardware—AT YOUR LEISURE. The cluster will automatically assimilate it and put it to work. If the failure was large enough to cause data loss in your local cluster, then restoring the lost data is often as simple as telling your disaster recovery cluster to replicate the data back to the primary cluster.

For your filers, recovery is a much faster process than before. Since less data was kept on disk, less data needs to be restored. That means your data is available faster with less downtime, everyone can breathe a huge sigh of relief, and you get to go home a hero (Take the credit, we don’t mind!).

It’s not pessimism, it’s reality: things break, and that will have an impact on your business. But as with other areas of life, it is how you recover that makes the difference. Leveraging the power of Swarm object storage can make that backup and recovery much faster, easier, and more cost effective than ever before.

If you have questions about whether object storage can simplify the backup strategy for your enterprise organization, contact us. We’d be happy to help.

Happy World Backup Day!

World Backup Day

Brian Guetzlaff
Brian Guetzlaff

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