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How Object Storage Meets Vertical Market Requirements

Learn why object storage is a great alternative for storing large amounts of non-transactional files across a growing number of vertical markets.

Vertical Markets
Vertical Markets

The Appeal of Object Storage to Vertical Markets

Object storage is getting a lot attention recently as the optimal platform for storing large amounts of non-transactional files across a growing number of vertical markets. These markets include media and entertainment (video), research (images, raw datasets), asset management (unstructured files), government & law (records management, surveillance), and healthcare (images and patient records). All of these markets face numerous storage challenges where traditional file-based storage systems tend to fall short.

Why is object storage a great alternative to traditional storage systems (such as file-based storage systems, SAN and NAS) in these segments? What are the requirements that lead organizations to consider object storage solutions? How does Swarm Object Storage rise to meet those challenges? Here’s a high-level summary:

Requirement Swarm Object Storage Advantage
Store billions of files Swarm is massively scalable, and many customers use it to scale from single Terabytes to many hundreds of Petabytes.
Custom metadata for indexing Swarm enables you to attach rich metadata directly to the object and makes it easy to add or change name-value pairs for an object or set of objects.
Schema-free or NoSQL search Swarm provides powerful NoSQL search and query. Your data structure does not have to be defined beforehand, so you can continue to extract value of files based on metadata indefinitely.
Access to any item via REST, HTTP, S3 & NFS—eliminating storage silos. Caringo enables you to use both legacy and modern applications with lightweight connectors and products such as SwarmNFS and FileFly, meaning you can bring data in and out of the object storage cluster with any protocol.
Transparent, automated migration of file data from primary storage Swarm, with FileFly, automates the transfer of data from Windows File Servers and NetApp Filers—all while protecting your data better and dramatically reducing TCO (up to 75%).

Top Requirements by Verticals Market

When you think specifically about vertical markets, they tend to have rather unique needs beyond just managing the data deluge of the 21st century. Here are the reasons we see various industries migrating to object storage solutions:

Vertical Market Segment Swarm Object Storage Advantage
Pre- thru Post-Production (Media & Entertainment) Secure distribution with hassle-free scalability on any mix of standard hardware, bringing the operational benefits of the cloud to your secure data center.
Photo and Video Sharing Direct access over HTTP and the ability to offload SQL databases to custom metadata which significantly reduces the complexity and latency of web applications.
Research and HPC Robust multi-tenancy that enables shared access to large datasets with integrated NoSQL search and programmatic or web-based metadata customization.

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Digital Asset Management A global scale-out repository with integrations to Alfresco and other S3-based asset management solutions.
Government & Law Compliance features such as WORM, Legal Hold, Integrity Seals and the ability to audit access logs to ensure that evidence has not been tampered with.
Healthcare Integration with popular PACs, including Acuo and Dejarnette, with the ability to protect from accidental medical image deletion via WORM, as well as the disassociation of file name or patient-identifiable information (enabling HIPAA compliance).There are, of course sub-segments within the set of vertical markets considered here, and there are many additional vertical markets that share the same technical needs as those examined. We expect to see even more industries adopt object storage over the next few years.

Are you wondering if your organization would benefit from adding an object storage solution? If so, contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your unique requirements and help you determine if object storage can help. As the pioneer in object storage, we have experts on call that can help you determine if object storage is right for you.

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