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Object Storage Solves Data Retention and Access Issues

Is the data deluge causing storage to be an “albatross around the neck” of your organization? Object storage may be just the solution you need to archive, organize and access massive amounts of unstructured data.


As the data deluge continues to escalate, retaining, protecting and accessing data for organizations and businesses becomes more and more of a time-consuming, budget-busting, headache-causing “albatross around the neck.” Unfortunately, this proverbial albatross is not limited to just certain endeavors. It tends to be a horizontal issue that resonates across all vertical market segments.

Caringo Swarm hassle-free, limitless storage was designed to be an “open” way of storing content, accessible via a RESTful interface over HTTP. (See our Swarm Technology overview page.) In 2006, Swarm (originally called CAStor) was ahead of its time. So, when other companies were jumping on the bandwagon, Caringo engineering had field-hardened the product, built a vault of IP, gained expertise with many use cases and developed best practices for integration, deployment and data management. Over the past dozen years, we have helped numerous customers store, organize and access massive amounts of unstructured data.

Here’s a breakdown of some of the vertical market segments where Caringo object storage flourishes, the benefits Swarm provides in these types of use cases, and a link for additional information.

Vertical Swarm Benefits More Info
M&E (VoD, Streaming, Active Archive, Digital and Media Asset Management, pre/post-production) Secure content delivery and distribution with hassle-free scalability on any mix of standard hardware, bringing the operational benefits of a secure cloud to your data center. M&E solution page

M&E solution brief

HPC (Machine-generated data and multi-protocol storage and research) Provides massively scalable multi-protocol access that supports both traditional and new applications. Rapid search of billions of files with customizable metadata and robust multi-tenancy enables metered and monitored collaboration. Facilitates shared access to large datasets with integrated NoSQL search and programmatic or web-based metadata customization. HPC solution page

Texas Tech case study

July 17 Tech Tuesday webinar: Object Storage for HPC Register Now

Enterprise IT (Tier to Public Cloud and Windows Server & NetApp optimization) Eliminates data silos, reduces (and often eliminates) the need for backup and supports the new paradigm of storage while still maximizing investment in existing infrastructure. Enterprise IT solution page

Cloud Storage solution page

TechGenix Review of Filefly

Federal, Government & Law (Intelligence & evidence, video surveillance, geospatial data) Ensures that evidence has not been tampered with using compliance features such as WORM, Legal Hold, Integrity Seals and the ability to audit access logs. City of Austin case study

Facilitating Information Governance webinar

Healthcare/Medical Integrates with popular PACs, including Acuo and Dejarnette, and protects from accidental medical image deletion via WORM. Disassociates filename or patient-identifiable information (enabling HIPAA compliance). Medical solution page

Solution Briefs:

Would your organization benefit from adding an object storage solution? Contact us and we’d be happy to discuss your specific requirements and help you determine if Swarm object storage is right for you.

Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

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