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Object Storage Meets Tech Field Day, part 3

Caringo offers a scalable and secure cloud storage service that supports Amazon S3 protocol and integrates with Microsoft Azure.


Over the past two weeks, I’ve shared a number of our Tech Field Day (#TFD10) videos with you. Fueled by coffee and cookies, the TFD10 delegates were a lively crowd (as demonstrated by our ride up the elevator at Caringo Headquarters) and consistently asked our presenters great questions. So, as I wind down this blog series, I’d like to introduce you to Eric Dey—who usually has the answers to even the most obscure and difficult questions.

In true Caringo fashion, Eric has worked in a variety of roles in the company, starting as a Sr. Systems Engineer in 2006, and then moving through the roles of Technical Account Manager and Manager of Integrated Solutions to his current role as Product Manager for Cloud Storage Infrastructure.

Eric spoke with our Tech Field Day delegates about how Caringo Swarm supports the Amazon S3 protocol. Caringo offers a scalable and secure cloud storage service and also integrates with Microsoft Azure, so those who use Amazon S3 and want to move to Azure now have an option.

Our Tech Field Day session happened less than two short weeks before the launch of Swarm 8, so the following segment was not livestreamed. Swarm 8 bought new features such as S3 compatible versioning to improve search, management and organization of data. Here’s what Eric had to say about our content portal and search capabilities.

Our last video was also not included in the livestream, and it features our VP of Engineering & Services, T.W. Cook (nope…so far as we know, we are not related). T.W. oversees Caringo’s product development as well as global tech support, partner support, training, and product distribution. T.W. is also behind our support-related product features and services such as remote “health report” telemetry and the associated analysis. Here is T.W. talking about Swarm Health Analysis.

If these videos left you wanting to know more, feel free to email us at or connect with us via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

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