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Object Storage Meets Tech Field Day, part 2

Hear from Caringo object storage experts at Tech Field Day 10. Learn more about the advantages of software defined object storage.


Last week, I shared two of our Tech Field Day (#TFD10) videos with you, and this week, I wanted to take you a bit deeper into the technical content of our presentation and introduce you to two more of my favorite colleagues.

Russell Turpin, our Chief Architect, has over two decades of experience in embedded and distributed systems and has led the technical development of key products for several companies throughout his career. He is one of the original employees at Caringo and plays an integral role in architecting Swarm. Russell was the subject of a few interesting tweets during the taping of the Caringo Swarm Object Storage Cluster Internals segment including this one:

Tech Field Day Twitter Snippet

I’ll let you be the judge of whether Russell has a second career waiting for him as a Jean Luc Picard impersonator as he fields questions about Vulcan Mind Melds and other topics related to the Caringo Swarm.

Ryan Meek, one of Caringo’s Product Managers, focused on software development in early stage companies in Austin early in his career. At Caringo, Ryan has served in a variety of roles from software developer and technical sales to product management and is one of our integration experts. Ryan manages our Swarm FS for Hadoop product and serves as a resource both internally and to customers for all technical issues related to integrations and software development. Check out this recording with the TFD10 delegates to learn more.

Watch for more Tech Field Day content in upcoming blogs. In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to email us at or connect with us via Twitter or LinkedIn.

Looking for more insight into object storage? Join Ryan Meek on March 16 for the Object Storage for Developers webinar.

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In addition, we will have our first-ever BrightTALK Summit on March 16. VP of Product, Tony Barbagallo, will discuss how to leverage object storage to solve data challenges. Topics include:

  • The differences between block, file and object storage
  • What benefits are achieved by implementing an object store
  • What common use cases are addressed by object storage
  • If object storage is right for your business

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