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Object Storage from a Different View

Learn about the inspiration behind our new Brews & Bytes webcast in this blog by VP Marketing Adrian "AJ" Herrera.

Change Your Perspective on Object Storage
Change Your Perspective on Object Storage

While at a recent event, a business executive from a university asked a table of attendees, “What is Object Storage?” I was surprised at the responses. A representative from a WAN acceleration and gateway company defined object storage as “an interface for tiering cold data.” Another storage vendor was a bit more specific and classified object storage as “archival storage.” I then followed with a brief analogy that described the underlying mechanics of object storage enabling instant access and delivery of content directly from storage over the internet. “All you need is a specific key to get the content you need and deliver it over HTTP… similar to the way you just need your ticket to retrieve your car from valet.” The business exec nodded in understanding but his eyes showed signs of confusion.

Storage Talk You Can Understand

There was no moment of object storage enlightenment. It was clear that we needed a different way to communicate the benefits of object storage to non- or semi-technical execs and to IT execs who are tasked with designing storage solutions that then need to be sold internally to these folks. This is why we decided to add a monthly video-based webcast series called “Brews & Bytes.” In this forum, I will host experts in object storage as well as luminaries from other technology and business disciplines to discuss topics related to object storage.

Object Storage from Different Perspectives

The Brews & Bytes webcasts will bring in subject-matter experts from various fields and industries to share their experiences, use cases, challenges and outcomes relating to object storage and the surrounding ecosystem. We will talk to leaders in the cloud industry, solutions architects that specialize in vertical solutions, software vendors, customers and others who can share a unique perspective on the challenges they or their end-users face and how they are overcoming them.

Grab Your Favorite Brew and Join Us

So grab your favorite brew and join us for the first Brews & Bytes episode on January 30 at 1 PM Pacific. We will be discussing How Object Storage Can Help You in the Roaring 20s!

For the inaugural episode, we are tapping Caringo’s internal expertise with Tony Barbagallo, CEO, and Ben Canter, VP of Sales. Both Tony and Ben have extensive backgrounds in the technology industry.

Tony has held a mix of leadership roles at small and large companies, including VP of Marketing and Product Management at Skyera, WildPackets (now Savvius), and EVault, VP of Marketing and Sales at Dantz (acquired by EMC), and senior management positions at Microsoft, Mentor Graphics, Sun and GE.

Ben has spent 19 years in IT, 13 on the VAR side, 4 years with manufacturing, 8 years focused on Data Center technology, and 7 years in Software-Defined Storage. Ben is certified in multiple technologies including HP, IBM, Dell, VMware, Cisco and DataCore Software.

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Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera

About The Author

Adrian "AJ" Herrera has over 20 years of experience bringing innovative storage, cloud and media software and services to market. With an MBA from San Diego State University and a BS in Information Systems from Chapman University, AJ serves as Caringo's VP of Marketing.

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