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Object Storage for Living in an On-Demand World

Content accessibility has become critical to success in the M&E industry with the daily usage of VoD by virtually every generation. Ben Canter, Caringo VP of Sales, shares his thoughts on how object storage can help organizations store, manage, protect and deliver their content.

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I recently took a short vacation to Bar Harbor, Maine with my family. It required us to pile in the SUV and drive a handful of hours north to one of the most beautiful places in the world. During the trip, our 17-year-old son had his head buried in his phone watching a video. He usually seems to go down the Youtube rabbit hole, but based on his body language I figured he was watching a movie. 

Later that night, as we sat around our campfire, I asked what movie he watched and to my surprise he replied, “The Karate Kid, the old one with Daniel Larusso.” After I got past the realization that one of my childhood favorites is considered old (and therefore I’m old), I thought about how his expectations as a consumer are far different than mine. My wife and I proceeded to tell him stories of going down to the local record shop to get a new record or tape to hear the latest Madonna, Beastie Boys, or other favorite bands. I fear if we explained how we made mix tapes back in the day, he would have fallen into the fire.

Fast forward to one week later when I presented to @SMPTEFL on the role of Object Storage in Media & Entertainment (M&E) and I kept thinking about the on-demand world we live in. I read a report from Nielsen about video on-demand (VoD) consumption and I was astounded by the numbers. About 50% of the Gen Zs and Millennials view VoD daily. Even the Silent Generation (65+; over 20% of the survey’s respondents) view daily. With demand for VoD like that, content accessibility is critical to success in the M&E industry.

This is where Caringo can help. Caringo Swarm is perfectly designed to take your valuable content and store it in a highly secure, highly available, cost-efficient storage platform on your own premise. We eliminate the challenges of scale, complexity, and management while modernizing the infrastructure in a true software-defined approach. One example of our success is how we have partnered with NEP to provide their customers with this approach to storing, managing, protecting and accessing video assets. You can read more about it in the NEP case study.

If you organization is looking for ways to move to an on-demand world, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to help. If you want to learn more about how to evaluate object storage solutions, join me and John Bell, Senior Consultant, for our next Tech Tuesday webinar. Register now to watch the live BrightTALK broadcast August 21 at 11 am PT/2 pm ET or to be notified when it is available to view, of course, on demand.


Ben Canter
Ben Canter

About The Author

Ben Canter joined Caringo in 2015, and is now Caringo’s VP of Sales. Boston born and bred, Ben has spent 20+ years in IT, 13 on the VAR side, 4 years with manufacturing, 8 years focused on Data Center technology, and 5 years in Software-Defined Storage. Ben is certified in multiple technologies including HP, IBM, Dell, VMware, Cisco, and DataCore Software and thrives on helping customers solve problems.

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