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About Object Storage: Educational Webinars

Learn about Tech Tuesday educational webinars and get our list of 7 most popular episodes that have stood the test of time


Two short years ago, we decided to add a monthly Tech Tuesday webinar series that would focus on the nuts and bolts of object-based storage technology. It started with a casual conversation between me and John Bell, our Sr. Solutions Engineer that has served as host or subject-matter expert on the majority of these webcasts.

Engineering Talent Roster

As a marketer who comes from a technical writing background, I have a soft spot for engineers—especially the ones who are willing to take the time to explain things to me. When I joined Caringo in 2015, I found that trait in all of my colleagues. Their patience in helping me learn the ins and outs of object storage and our product line made my ramp up relatively quick and easy.

Our Tech Tuesday webinar series has been a passion project for me and John Bell, and we’ve enthusiastically recruited presenters from our ranks. When we settle on a topic, we reach out to the person in the company that brings the expertise and perspective necessary not only to cover the content but to answer questions that come in from the live viewers.

Our Storage Education Experiment Results

Over the past two years, this webinar series has produced some of the most informative content about object storage available today. Here is a list of the 7 Tech Tuesday webinars that have remained relevant and are most widely viewed:

  1. How Does Object Storage Fit into Your IT Infrastructure?
    This is the webinar that started it all. In January 2018, Tony Barbagallo was our VP of Product. He joined John Bell to explain how object storage fits into existing storage infrastructure. They covered a wide variety of use cases based on our hundreds of object storage installations, ranging from HPC to medical to M&E/digital video.
  2. Solving Exabyte-Scale Search (and Beyond!)
    John Bell and Caringo Engineer Jamshid Afshar take an in-depth look at best practices for using Elasticsearch, a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine, to enhance searchability with metadata. They explain how Elasticsearch enables you to search billions of files ad hoc with “Google-like” search capabilities in object storage. You will be amazed to see what you can do without the rigid structure of relational databases and file systems!
  3. Migrating Data from SAN, NAS or Tape to Object Storage
    John Bell and Eric Dey, Director of Product, teamed up on this webinar to share their experience from hundreds of successful object storage implementations. They explain the data migration process and share best practices to help you move from a limited traditional storage approach to the new, cost-effective, limitless storage paradigm of object storage.
  4. How Do I Use Metadata with Object-based Data Storage?
    In this webinar, Ryan Meek, Principal Solution Architect, takes an in-depth look at metadata and explains how it can be used to unlock the intelligence potential that resides in large data storage repositories.
  5. Using Elasticsearch with Object Storage
    John Bell and Jamshid Afshar explain what Elasticsearch is and the benefit of using it with object storage. They also take an in-depth look at best practices for using Elasticsearch and demonstrate the use of Elasticsearch with Caringo Swarm.
  6. Object Storage for Capacity Planning in 2020 & Beyond
    The deluge of data that companies must manage shows no sign of letting up as we enter the next decade. In this webinar, I had the pleasure of hosting John Bell for a discussion of the benefits inherent in using a best-of-breed object storage solution to address this need—including the ability to scale on demand and “pay as you grow.” We discussed modeling capacity, predicting future needs, best practices for “upgrading in place” and storage budget considerations.
  7. Evaluating Object Storage Solutions for 2020
    In this webinar, John Bell and Ryan Meek joined forces with Jose J. Gonzalez for an updated look at how to evaluate object storage solutions and how to determine which one is the right solution for your use case and organization.

Tech Tuesday’s Next Decade

We are excited to enter our third year of producing educational content on storage and object-based storage technology. From data analysis to metadata search and content streaming, there are almost endless use cases for an object-based storage solution and more evolving as we enter the new decade.

    Knowing that many of our viewers have moved beyond the basics of storage, we are bringing you Object Storage for Advanced Users on Tuesday, January 21 at 11am PT/2pm ET. Ryan Meek will host Eric Dey. Both Ryan and Eric joined Caringo in 2006 as software developers and have worked in many roles in the organization over the past 14 years.Ryan and Eric will go beyond the basics and take a deep dive into object storage technology. Register now to watch live or on demand so you can learn about:

    • Object storage design and usage patterns, and how to maximize throughput and minimize latency
    • High-performance metadata, usage and practice in the real world
    • Configurations for object storage that maximize performance and reliability
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    Sarah Cook

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