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Making NFS & S3 Interoperable with Swarm Object Storage

Need to access files long term and extract value from them? Learn how a new, more efficient underlying SDS platform may be the solution.

NFS & S3 Interoperable Webcast
NFS & S3 Interoperable Webcast

NFS & S3 Interoperable WebcastIn 1984, Sun Microsystems developed the Network File System (NFS) to enable collaboration on content. There have been 4 major versions of NFS, each adding enhancements that continued to establish it as one of the two primary standards for operating on files (the other being CIFS/SMB). The most recent point releases for NFSv4 have focused on enabling distributed workflows and increasing security; however, at Caringo, we are seeing that market requirements for certain use cases are exceeding the limits of the underlying file system. Simply stated—the sheer amount (capacity and count) of files in many use cases in the M&E, HPC (research/labs and higher education) and Federal use cases can not be economically stored and accessed on traditional primary storage. The real driver here is the need to “access” files. If you need to just store them and never access the data again, then tape may be a great option for you. However, if you want to continue to access these files and want to continue to extract value from them, you need to think about moving to a new more efficient underlying storage platform that isn’t prohibited by file system limitations (distributed or not) like object storage. But how do you do this?

Many storage and data management ISVs would have you believe you need a gateway to manage the transfer to/from an object store. This is usually deployed on a very expensive box that needs a sizeable amount of its own primary disk to act as staging, and that needs to be maintained and backed up just like a file system does. The reason ISVs say this is because of limitations in their solutions and an inability to control the entire stack. We have taken a different approach. Caringo is the only company to date that has enabled the ability to go directly from file to object without emulating a file system.

We took this approach to break free from the limitations in the underlying file system in the secondary storage tier AND the file system emulation limitation in traditional gateway and data management solutions. In other words, our goal was to take what you need to do in a file-based world and make those seamlessly work in an object-based world. If you are interested in learning more, I will be demonstrating the latest version of our award-winning SwarmNFS on our May 23 (10 a.m. PT/ 1 p.m. ET) webcast. Feel free to bring your questions for the interactive Q&A portion of the webcast.

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Glen Olsen
Glen Olsen

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With over 2 decades of experience, Caringo Product Manager Glen Olsen has a keen focus on architecting data and storage solutions. At Caringo, Glen leads efforts to bridge the gap between traditional storage and our leading-edge scale-out storage solution.

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