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NAS vs Object: Which is Better for Your Data Center?

Sophocles said that “Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.” That wisdom still holds true, particularly when making decisions about your data center.


Since I started working in the storage industry in 2011, there have been many changes and advancements. Sophocles said that “Quick decisions are unsafe decisions.” That wisdom still holds true, particularly when making decisions about your data center. Poor decisions could jeopardize the future of your business; interfere with your weekend plans or getting a good night’s sleep; or in the case of mission-critical systems for healthcare and public safety, they could even endanger lives.

In my past year at Caringo, I’ve learned just how much of a challenge managing unstructured data can be. Legacy network attached storage (NAS) systems just are not keeping pace with the demands of the modern data center. As a result, many IT planners in a wide variety of industries have started investigating object storage as a potential replacement for aging NAS infrastructures. To help with making this decision, the experts at Storage Switzerland have published a series of articles with detailed examination of these technologies to help IT planners decide which technology is right for their data centers. Now, these articles are available in a single eBook for your convenience.

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At Caringo headquarters, we spend a lot of time talking about the future of storage, and working to figure out how we can most help our customers not only store and protect their data, but how they can extract value from both their old and new data. In the past, NFS has been a popular file system for large data stores but complexity, costs and limited accessibility have led many IT planners to explore object storage as an alternative. While there are gateway that allow their systems to look like NFS servers, most of these implementations tend to create more problems than they fix.

On Tuesday, August 23 (10:00AM PT/1:00pm ET), hear what Storage Switzerland’s Charlie Hodges and Caringo Product Manager Glen Olsen reveal in a live webcast, What Your Object Storage Vendor Isn’t Telling You About NFS Support. Topics will include:

  • What is Object Storage
  • Object Storage vs. NFS
  • Challenges of Object Storage without NFS
  • How NFS makes Object Storage more useful
  • Architecture of a typical NFS gateway
  • The Challenges of Hosting NFS on an Object Store

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If that leaves you wanting more, I’ll be hosting Glen Olsen on a webcast Thursday, August 25 (7 am PT/10 am ET). Glen will talk about The Evolution of File, examining the past decade in file interface gateways and the needs of the market versus what is available. Glen leads Caringo’s efforts to bridge the gap between traditional storage and scale-out object storage. With over two decades of experience, Glen brings a wealth of experience architecting data and storage solutions. Tune in to hear what Caringo is doing to advance the evolution of file.

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Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

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