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NAB Show 2019: With Object Storage, You Don’t Have to Gamble

Swarm object-based storage is headed back to Las Vegas for the 96th annual NAB Show (you can find us in Booth #SL13310). Get the scoop on what is new, and then make sure to visit us.

NAB, Don't Gamble with Storage
NAB, Don’t Gamble with Storage

As we enter count-down mode for the 2019 National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB Show) in Las Vegas, I’d like to share a little secret with you. I’m not a gambler. If you read my blog last year, you probably already guessed this.

Protecting Your Assets: The Stakes Are High

Just how high are the stakes? No matter your industry, organization or data, you could jeopardize content as well as company earnings and reputation if data is not properly secured and cannot be accessed when needed. When you are storing and working with pre-production video footage, how many hours and dollars did it take to record? That price skyrockets even higher once your master asset has been produced and finalized.

Optimizing Collaboration and Storage

When you research storage solutions, are you also considering how your data will be used in creative collaboration processes? Long gone are the days when you could store assets in data storage silos and expect to keep your workflow moving efficiently. At the NAB Show, Media & Entertainment (M&E) IT professionals from Studios, Production Houses, Broadcasters and Service Providers at the NAB Show will once again be looking to optimize storage and access at every stage of the digital asset lifecycle—from production to delivery to long-term preservation.

What’s New at the Caringo Booth This Year?

Single Server Appliance with Swarm Object Storage Software Platform UIOver the past year, we have remained committed to making certain you can store what you need, ensure media integrity and keep assets online and accessible. Caringo provides S3- and NFS-accessible object storage designed for content access, distribution and archive. It can be purchased as software only and run on any x86 server, or you can now purchase it in an on-prem S3-compatible single Swarm Server Appliance.

In addition, we will be showcasing version 3.0 of our FileFly Data Management Tool, which now enables you to move data from NetApp and Windows Filers to Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google cloud as well as to Caringo Swarm Object Storage. (Make sure to ask us about the new Free 25TB Community Edition of FileFly.)

What Can I Learn at the Caringo Booth This Year?

Our expert storage architects and engineers will be on hand to help you understand how Caringo’s object storage technologies can help you conquer the challenges of scaling storage in the on-demand world. Our experts can show you:

  • Internal streaming and longtail video-on-demand (VOD) directly from the archive layer that’s lower cost than cloud-based services.
  • Tape replacement that provides guaranteed content availability with minimal administration.
  • Geo-dispersed collaboration platform that plugs into your asset manager or can be used as a stand-alone solution.
  • Single target for multiple data sets on a future-proof platform that delivers unlimited scale.

Where to Find Caringo

JB&A Pre-NAB Technology Event Time and DateComing to Vegas early? Get a preview over beer and pizza Saturday or Sunday at the JB&A Pre-NAB Technology Event. Register now.

Then, stop by our booth at the NAB Show expo (#SL13310) to learn more. You can also visit or contact us to schedule a demo.

Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

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Sarah Cook is Caringo's Director of Marketing and brings deep expertise in Product Marketing and Technical/Marketing/Corporate Communications. Sarah has worked for some of the biggest names in technology including Dell and Cisco and holds a B.A. in English Composition with a minor in Music from the University of North Texas. She sings with and serves on the Board of Directors for Panoramic Voices, a 501(c)3 choral collaborative in Austin, TX.

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