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Monetizing Your Data Archive

Throughout history, archives have taken many forms. Is an active digital archive built with object storage key to monetizing your data?

Object Storage Enables You to Effectively Monetize Your Data Archive
Object Storage Enables You to Effectively Monetize Your Data Archive

An archive is a place where some form of information is preserved or kept. Throughout history, archive locations and media have taken many forms—from crude images painted on the sides of caves to rows of leather-bound books, all the way up to digital archives.

The Challenge of Traditional Data Archives

Traditional digital archives still present challenges. For years, they have been an expensive, necessary evil that people avoided touching like the plague because recovering anything (usually from tape) is painful and labor-intensive. So much so that restoring or retrieving data is generally only done in emergencies. However, that’s starting to change as improving disk density and the rising economic value of assets makes object storage a viable competitor to tape storage.

Benefits of Using S3-Compliant Object Storage for Archive

The primary benefit of using object-based storage solutions is greatly improving the usefulness of the archive, which in turn drives continual monetization of your digital assets. S3 protocol access gives you the ability to easily access content from nearly any software, and our web portal makes finding and retrieving data easy. This allows you to maintain the cost-effectiveness of a storage archive without giving up the ability to readily use your assets.

With metadata annotation providing you with the ability to easily locate an archived project you need and near-instant access to the project media itself, there are no impediments to deriving value out of all that data. Couple this with partial file restore (the ability to retrieve specific portions of a video file directly from the archive) and suddenly you can breathe new life and business value into all that archived data (and the work that went into creating that asset or gathering that data).

Take Control of Archived Content

Object storage puts you in control of your archived content, giving you the ability to make sensible business trade-offs on footprint vs durability vs lifecycle, all the way down to the object level. When you consider that there are essentially 5 tiers of storage for video workflows, having an active archive with advanced functionality can increase the usefulness and the opportunity for on-going monetization of archived content. This was the driving force behind the new features in Swarm 11. We also recently revamped our Swarm Server Appliance line to make deploying object storage as simple as possible.

The Future of Data Archiving

The data deluge (and thus the need to store varying types of digital assets and records) shows no signs of letting up as we approach 2020. The storage technology pioneered by Caringo’s founders continues to provide hundreds of customers with a cost-effective solution to their burgeoning data stores.

If you will be at the Sports Video Group Summit in New York City December 16, make sure to catch the Sports Content Management Workshop session “State of Archiving Technology: What Does the Future Hold for Tape, Drives, Cloud, and the Data Center?” on Monday at 3:30 pm ET. This discussion will be moderated by Tab Butler of the MLB Network and include panelists from SwiftStack, AWS, Spectra Logic, Quantum and Caringo. You can also email us at if you would like to set up a time to speak with Caringo CEO and panelist Tony Barbagallo or VP of Sales Ben Canter.

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