nfs-object-storage-aWe’ve all heard the term metadata thrown around lately, and it is commonly described as “data about the data.” As Caringo CEO and Co-Founder Jonathan Ring pointed out in his recent article The Power of Metadata, “Data can be a catalyst for change, and metadata is the key to sorting, analyzing, and locating data at will, transforming it into actionable information.”

But, how does it really work? And do all object storage systems use metadata in the same way?

Metadata enhances unstructured data with usable information, making it actionable and setting the stage for extracting value and relationships. Caringo Swarm both stores metadata with its data and indexes it for fast access, empowering users like you with searchable metadata and collections.

If you would like a broad industry perspective on the power of metadata in object storage and to learn more about how different storage solutions use metadata, join Caringo Developer turned Product Manager Ryan Meek tomorrow for a live webcast on BrightTALK: The Power of Metadata or register to be notified when the recording is available. This live webcast is geared for application developers and IT software architects. Ryan will be taking questions live throughout the event.

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