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Managing Data in HPC & Research Environments

Using a pure object storage technology with a data management tool like Globus is a natural fit for HPC and Research data pools.

research scientist managing HPC data in a lab
Research Scientist in laboratory managing HPC data

In today’s fast-changing world, managing data in high-performance computing (HPC) and research workflows is a complicated and challenging task, especially when you need to manage data access with distributed collaborators. Given the varied types of workloads that need to be supported and the critical nature of the work done in research, it is certainly not something you want to leave to chance.

How Should Data be Stored and Accessed in HPC and Research Environments?

Using object storage technology to store data in HPC and research environments is a natural fit, particularly when you use a pure object storage product such as Caringo Swarm. The benefits that come with a best-of-breed object storage system include:

  • Massive scalability
  • Built-in, continuous data protection
  • Ability to consolidate data from other platforms, eliminating data silos
  • Multi-tenant management for enabling secure, distributed collaboration
  • Content metadata for enhanced searchability

To learn how Caringo Swarm is used at the UK STFC Scientific Computing Department, download the case study.

How Is Data Managed in HPC and Research Environments?

While many data storage platforms, including Caringo Swarm, offer data management capabilities, there are some situations where a solution such as the one developed by Globus (a uchicago non-profit organization) can give you an edge. This secure, reliable research data management service is used by thousands of organizations to move, share and discover data using a single web browser interface.

You can read how Globus and Caringo work together to solve these issues by combining the benefits of S3-enabled private cloud storage with secure, reliable research data management services.

How Can I Learn More About Managing Data in HPC and research environments?

You can learn more about managing HPC and research data sets by tuning into our March 24 Tech Tuesday webinar. In this live webcast, Eric Dey, Caringo Director of Product, hosts Rachana Ananthakrishnan, Globus Head of Product. Eric and Rachana worked together on validating the use of Globus with Caringo Swarm, and both of them bring deep expertise in technology.

Rachana has been with the University of Chicago for 15 years and worked at Argonne National Labs prior to that. She holds an MS in Computer Science from Indiana University Bloomington. Rachana currently serves as Head of Products for Globus, and brings an excellent perspective on the past, present and future of managing HPC data.

Eric Dey joined Caringo in 2006 and has spent the past 14 years developing and using object storage. Eric has worked as an Engineer, Technical Account Manager, Manager of Integrated Solutions and Product Manager for Cloud Storage Infrastructure.

In this webinar, Eric and Rachana will discuss how you can:

  • Manage and protect large data sets in HPC and Research environments
  • Provide easy-to-manage, secure multi-tenant access to data sets
  • Eliminate data silos when working with a diverse range of storage devices
  • Expedite time to discovery

Register now, and bring your questions to the webcast.

Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

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