It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Swarm Object Storage!

Data, like luggage, must be stored within a defined space and items need to be easy to retrieve. So, buckle on up with Swarm Object Storage!


I travel a lot for work. July alone, I was on a plane every week. New York, Austin, DC and Chicago were a few of the stops I made to visit great customers and partners like CatDV, Masstech, Diversified, AWS and Cinesys. And with each negotiation through an airport, I witnessed the same struggle with each passenger…

control of their content.

The Balance Between Content and Storage Space

For some travelers, it was an epic battle to see if they could get their bag into the ever-shrinking overhead compartments on airplanes. Overwhelmed airline attendants do their best to help, but they have to juggle the enforcement of the rules (size of bags, # of bags, etc.) and customer happiness. Add in the fact that some customers get preferential treatment because of status (first class, frequent traveler, cost paid for a seat, and so on).

Watching this scenario play out reminded me of the struggles many organizations face every day with storing data. I know, I know…how do flight attendants and passengers and luggage battles remind me of data storage, and specifically, Caringo’s award-winning Swarm Object-Based Data Storage?

Please allow me to explain. But I have to warn you: grab your tissues now because there could be tears.

What is Happening in the Content World Today?

Files are getting larger, people are deleting less and access is happening over more devices than ever before—these are three things I think we can all agree are happening in the content world today.

As resolution increases the resulting files are jumping in size, more cameras are being added to the world, and mobile devices are becoming more powerful (and 5G supported), making the dynamics of storing and managing content harder than ever.

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How Can Swarm Object Storage Help with Storing Data?

Swarm provides a platform that allows users to store all content and to easily search for exact items using traditional means (file name, date, location) or more modern ways (that is, metadata search). Swarm also allows you to retrieve the exact data you need. This is similar to the well-organized traveler who has the items they need most in the seat pocket in front of them.

If you think of the flight attendant as the administrator of the plane—making sure only the correct passengers enter the airplane and ensuring each passenger only uses their allotted space but in a self-service manner. That enables passengers use the system in an organic way that fits their travel flow.

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Swarm does all these same things. Simply put, Swarm creates an easy-to-manage storage platform that allows content to be efficiently accessed. With powerful built-in metadata search, it’s easy to find whatever it is that you need in the object store. You can restore a whole clip or just a few frames as you need to. Best of all, Caringo Swarm slides content right into your existing workflow. And, given that it is less expensive than public cloud and more reliable than tape, Swarm Object Storage will be the smartest investment in your environment.

Buckle Up for IBC2019!

This September, I’ll be heading to IBC2019 at the RAI Amsterdam 13 – 17 September. IBC (originally the International Broadcasting Convention) has evolved from its technical broadcast roots to encompass the entire breadth of media creation management and delivery. Visit us at IBC Stand 5.C33 to speak with our object storage experts to hear what’s new in Swarm 11 or register now for our upcoming webinar: Accelerating On-Demand Access to Video Archives with Swarm 11.


Ben Canter
Ben Canter

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Ben Canter joined Caringo in 2015, and is now Caringo’s VP of Sales. Boston born and bred, Ben has spent 20+ years in IT, 13 on the VAR side, 4 years with manufacturing, 8 years focused on Data Center technology, and 5 years in Software-Defined Storage. Ben is certified in multiple technologies including HP, IBM, Dell, VMware, Cisco, and DataCore Software and thrives on helping customers solve problems.

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