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Storage Crossroads: iQ Media Turns to Object Storage

Learn why M&E IT professionals are turning to object storage technology to store massive amounts of unstructured data.


When I first tried to explain what Caringo Swarm Cloud & Object Storage Platform is to non-technical people, it was, to say the least, challenging. I would give them a quick “technology 101” only to be faced with blank, zombie-like stares. In vain, I attempted to explain Swarm Object Storage with analogies such as how a car valet service uses unique identifiers to fetch your car on demand. Eventually, I figured out a far simpler and more direct explanation: Caringo Swarm solves problems. Needless to say, it doesn’t solve all problems; but for organizations and businesses that need always-on, flexible storage that is easy to scale and manage with a phenomenal return on investment (ROI), Caringo Swarm more than meets expectations. This is precisely why the Media and Entertainment (M&E) industry was among the early adopters of object storage technology. We solve a big problem in their world: how to store massive amounts of unstructured data in the way of video files and yet keep it easy to search and retrieve.

One of the companies that we helped is iQ Media. iQ Media maintains a cloud-based media intelligence platform called cliQ which lets marketers and media analysts quickly find and measure the impact of various campaigns. In September of 2015, iQ Media started using Caringo Swarm to store TV broadcast clips dating back to 2011. They are currently storing over 6 petabytes of video files in their Swarm cluster, and have found Swarm to be quite practical for their needs. To understand why Swarm becomes more efficient and faster as it stores more and more data, read Emergent Behavior: The Smarts of the Swarm whitepaper by Caringo Co-Founder Paul Carpentier.


When I first sat down with the 3-person iQ Media IT team, I could literally feel their pain as they told me about their storage growth, cost, and manageability issues. More and more content was coming in by the hour and they were at a crossroads. They needed help fast. I can tell you, nothing is more rewarding to me than to be able to look a potential customer in the eye and confidently say, “We can help.” It was the moment I said those words to the iQ Media team that I knew Caringo was the right place for me. Check out the iQ Media Uses Swarm for Maintenance-free, Massively Scalable Storage case study if you would like to learn more about how iQ Media is using our Cloud & Object Storage Platform.

Many pages have turned on the calendar since that first meeting with the iQ Media IT team, but I hold a crisp image of that moment in my memory. The pain they were experiencing is now a thing of the past. With most video being shot in 4K or 8K and resolutions likely to increase, plus the popularity of new Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, binge watching, and over-the-top content (OTT), the growing size and volume of video files will force many more organizations to those same storage crossroads. Knowing that I can look a person in the eye and say that we can help is an amazing feeling, particularly since I know Caringo has the sales engineers, product managers, world-class professional services, and 24x7x365 global support organization to back up that claim. When we say “Caringo cares,” we mean that we go the extra mile for our customers to make certain they have the solution that will best position them to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace.

If you find yourself at the NAB Show in Las Vegas next week, please stop by our booth (SL12407). I would love the opportunity to help you. You can also contact us for a discount code for an expo pass or to set up an appointment. I hope to see you there.

Ben Canter
Ben Canter

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Ben Canter joined Caringo in 2015, and is now Caringo’s VP of Sales. Boston born and bred, Ben has spent 20+ years in IT, 13 on the VAR side, 4 years with manufacturing, 8 years focused on Data Center technology, and 5 years in Software-Defined Storage. Ben is certified in multiple technologies including HP, IBM, Dell, VMware, Cisco, and DataCore Software and thrives on helping customers solve problems.

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