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Hybrid Storage: Swarm Object Storage & Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Hybrid storage should just work. Swarm Object Storage and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage do just that, integrating seamlessly with your workflows.

Caringo Swarm Backup Solution to Wasabi Hybrid Cloud Storage Diagram

In today’s digital world, you interact with hybrid storage a few hundred times a day (you just might not know it). From the storage in your phones, connected device, cars and computers to the storage in data centers behind every service you use—the manageability, power consumption, access characteristics and data durability of the underlying storage are all designed to ensure the best quality of service and consumer experience. Storage in remote data centers works seamlessly with the local storage in your device, home or office to make sure whatever digital content you want to consume is available when you need it.

Hybrid Storage Should Just Work

At Caringo, we feel that on-prem object storage and cloud storage should interact the same way—seamlessly with your existing workflows. This is why we added the ability to instantly backup a Swarm domain or an entire cluster to any S3-compliant services. One of the first services we have certified this functionality with is Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage.

Key Features of Caringo Swarm Object Storage & Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Caringo Swarm object storage provides limitlessly scalable, on-prem S3 storage delivered as software or an appliance This includes built-in multi-tenancy, content management, search and secure file sharing. Wasabi adds the ability to easily add a geographically dispersed disaster recovery (DR) site in minutes. This enables business continuity by backing up Swarm data to Wasabi, eliminating the need for you to maintain a secondary data center. You can easily satisfy offsite data protection requirements at a fraction of the cost of other public cloud providers.

Wasabi Delivers Cloud Storage Pricing Transparency

After talking to thousands of people about cloud storage, the most common concern we hear is price, specifically, the compounding costs of the service over time and the unpredictable fees associated with API calls and access fees. Wasabi addresses both of these concerns by offering a flat $0.0059/GB/month storage fee without imposing extra fees to retrieve data, and they also don’t charge for API calls (PUT, GET, DELETE…). So, if some form of disaster should happen or if you need to move Swarm data on Wasabi to a secondary on-prem Swarm cluster, you won’t be charged additional fees! This could result in significant cost savings depending on how much data you need to restore or move.

This alone should be reason enough to put Wasabi on your shortlist if you are considering a hybrid cloud storage approach. If you need further convincing, check out this list of the benefits of a hybrid cloud storage strategy on their site.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are interested in learning more, download the Caringo and Wasabi Solution brief. And, as always, we are here to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to send us an email or to contact us.

Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera

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