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How Object Storage Optimizes Your Time & Resources

Discover the benefits of object-based storage and learn how Caringo Swarm Storage optimizes your data storage with on-demand access to data

Optimizing Object Storage
Optimizing Object Storage

How valuable is your time?

If you are in the M&E industry (or deal with digital video), what is the value of being able to complete more projects, send videos to employees/editors faster or stream more videos to subscribers?

Once organizations grow to the level where their workflows are being strained, they often look to remedy that starting with the front-end application. Once they get to the storage layer, they are usually looking for the most economical storage to satisfy the requirements of the front-end application. This often boils down examination of storage to a financial ($/GB) rather than a functional analysis. The problem with this approach is that the functional value added by object-based storage platforms like Caringo Swarm gets lost.

For object storage specifically, the time and resource optimization value gets lost. I often hear object storage positioned as cheap and deep storage, which I think is a misnomer.

How Does Swarm Object Storage Go Beyond Cheap and Deep?

Caringo Swarm object-based data storage is scalable and strategic for asset access. That is, it provides extensive benefit strategically by serving up effortless scale for rapidly growing archives of data and granting instant access to those assets.

Wait, What About Tape Storage?

While tape will always be cheaper and deeper and is perfectly adequate for files and assets you may not ever retrieve, it lacks one of the most beneficial features that you get with an object storage platform like Swarm: on-demand access.

Scalable Object Storage

We have a lot of excellent resources that go into detail on how scalable object storage is. Two that I recommend are:

Now, let’s go into how object storage has evolved as a strategic tool for asset access.

Object Storage evolves as a strategic tool

Archive, Active Archive and On-Demand Archive

When you look up the definition of archive, you will most likely find it associated with the word “preservation.” Historically, archive has been a backup or a copy of an asset made for when and if that asset is needed again. In the storage world, it has long been clear that there is a large portion of digital assets that need to be continually accessed, leading to the term “active archive.” The word active denotes access but doesn’t specify time to access.

After talking to many in the M&E and Digital Video Industry, it is clear that time is their primary issue. Specifically, the time to move video from remote locations into their network, the time it takes to move working files to different locations, the time it takes to restore files for reuse from archives and the time it takes to efficiently stream content to internal or external viewers. This is why at Caringo you will often hear us use the term “on-demand archive.” On-demand denotes immediate access. You don’t need to wait for a video to be found, a tape to load, or wait for the mail to arrive with the thumb drive or hard drive. Your archived video is always instantly accessible to your applications, internal employees and (if you authorize access) to the public for on-demand viewing.

How Does Swarm Object Storage Save You Time?

In addition to providing immediate access to archived video, Swarm object storage also enables multi-tenancy, content and metadata management with integrated search. All of these features save both your administrators and end-users time by providing an intuitive web-based platform where they can have direct access to their portion of storage (private cloud storage). They are able to search the assets they are authorized to view and can also update assets by adding relevant metadata.

How do You Measure the Value of Time in Your Organization?

Where the rubber meets the road is how you measure or assign a value to saving time. What if you could complete 10–20% more projects per month? What if you could spend 50–60% less time managing access to content across your organization or with clients? How about if you could provide perpetual access to a specific portion of your archived video for a new VOD (video-on-demand) service? However you place value on time, I can tell you this…it’s not by looking at a $/GB calculation!


Swarm 11, Focused on Optimizing Time

If you are interested in learning more about how Swarm object storage optimizes your time, look no further then our next webinar. Eric Dey, Director of Product Management, and I will discuss Accelerating On-demand Access to Video Archives with Swarm 11.

And as always, we have a team of experts at Caringo that can help you figure out how to measure the value of plugging in an on-demand archive like Swarm into your workflows. Contact us if you would like to setup an overview.

Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera

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