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How Caringo Swarm Object Storage Can Help You Unplug

Caringo Swarm Object Storage helps Storage & IT Admins unplug with data protection, automatic recovery, training, Support & Pro Services.

Unplugging with help from Swarm Object Storage
Unplugging with help from Swarm Object Storage

How often do you go off the grid and really unplug? If you are a Storage or IT Admin, my guess is not often enough. The responsibility of maintaining a reliable and efficient storage environment for an organization is a heavy mantle. And, it becomes heavier as we increasingly rely on the data that is stored to run a business, create and/or deliver a product (for example, video content on streaming platforms).

The Power of Unplugging

The power of unplugging from technology for people is well documented—in everything from lifestyle blogs to business articles and scientific research studies. We all know it is difficult in today’s competitive workplace; and let’s face it, some of us are workaholics who thrive by giving our careers 110%. But, we all know that we need to take a step back and go on vacation here and there, enjoy the holidays with our loved ones and indulge in a bit of “me” time.

However, the portability and convenience of mobile phones, tablets and laptops means we hardly ever leave them home or turn them off. These devices serve as a tether to so many important things in our life—family, friends, recreation and last, but certainly not least, our jobs. At Caringo, we may not necessarily all be good at unplugging, but we are all committed to making sure that our customers can unplug and not worry about the security of their data

4 Suggestions for Regaining Work-Life Balance for Storage and IT Admins

When it is literally your job to stay plugged in and you are on call around the clock, how do you unplug? While we cannot alleviate all the workplace concerns that might keep you up at night, we have a few suggestions that might help you rest easy about your data:

  1. Implement a storage environment with continuous, built-in data protection that is self-healing.
  2. Make sure your staff is properly trained.
  3. Have the right Support plan in place.
  4. Ensure that the health of your storage environment is monitored around the clock.

Benefits of Object Storage

How Can Object Storage Help?

Object-based storage technology has some inherent benefits that make it valuable for many storage environments. As our VP of Sales Ben Canter mentioned in last week’s blog, Checklist for Evaluating Object Storage, that includes:

  • Built-in data protection
  • High-availability
  • S3 compatibility
  • Powerful metadata and search capabilities
  • Scalability
  • Cost-effectiveness

With Caringo Swarm, we’ve enabled educational institutions such as Texas Tech University, been integrated into scientific research facilities such as the STFC Jasmine super-cluster in the UK, empowered the Media & Entertainment industry as they create and deliver a wide range of video and helped both private business and government organizations store everything from medical records to surveillance video.

Who Can Help Me? 

Remember those four suggestions to help you unplug above? Maybe they seem unattainable, but they aren’t. At Caringo, we can help you with each of those four items. Here’s how.

1. Build your storage to have continuous data protection that is self-healing.

A best-of-breed object storage platform like Caringo Swarm will have continuous built-in data protection. With our market-hardened platform, you not only get that continuous data protection (detailed in the whitepaper Protecting Data with Caringo Swarm Object Storage), you get a storage cluster that is self-healing. The Swarm recovery process is automatic (other object storage products require a manual recovery process).

Protecting Data with Caringo Swarm Object Storage

2. Make sure your staff is properly trained.

Hopefully you have a staff, but we know that for many small-to-medium businesses, one person shoulders the load for keeping IT functioning. That means 24x7x365, including vacations and holidays, you might be at least to some extent on call. 

If you have a staff, providing them with the proper training is critical. That is why at Caringo we hold 3-day intensive Caringo Certified Training session for our customers to ensure they understand how best to use Swarm. Our training is conducted by our own engineering staff, all of whom have been involved in developing, installing and maintaining Swarm Object Storage. This enables our students to dive as deep as they want and to build lasting relationships with the most experienced object storage engineers in the industry. We share best practices gleaned from hundreds of object storage implementations, and we incorporate the feedback given to us in class into our technology and roadmap discussions.

3. Have the right Support plan in place.

One of the complaints that analysts tell us they most often hear about technology products is that the Support is not adequate. At Caringo, we hear just the opposite. We make it our business to offer online self-serve knowledge resources and after hours emergency access to support for our product. We also offer Professional Services for when you need additional staffing resources or have complex storage changes that you want to undertake.

4. Ensure that the health of your system is being monitored.

Whether you have internal or external resources monitoring the health of your storage system, it enables you to be proactive about detecting issues and adding capacity when needed. That is why we added Health Reporting to Swarm several years ago.

Contact Us Today

If you need help getting your storage to the point where you feel like you can unplug and enjoy a vacation, contact us today. One of our object storage experts will be happy to discuss your use case to determine if Caringo Swarm Object Storage is the right choice for you. You can also visit our Getting Started page for more information.

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Sarah Cook

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