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History, Media and Object Storage

Capturing of audio and video has changed the way we see history, and is now influencing our future. Learn now to use object storage for your content.


I’m fresh off a vacation attending a wedding and taking in the sights around Atlanta, Georgia. Steeped in the history of both the American Civil War and the American Civil Rights Movement, I took a few days to unplug from my day-to-day technology fixes. However, some of the most profound and memorable moments of my sightseeing were those that were augmented by audio and video tapes of important moments from the 1960’s and 1970’s—hearing the actual voice of Martin Luther King, Jr. preach in the historic Ebenezer Baptist Church and watching the film of his funeral procession.

When you consider that we have been recording audio and video since the 1800’s, and amplify that time period by the staggering growth rate of media, entertainment, and content creation in the 21st century, it is literally mind-boggling. The potential to both influence and document our history (consider the 2016 U.S. Presidential election), to provide entertainment, and to monetize content is greater than ever before. And, for sites that focus on content distribution, value is often measured by how quickly and easily digital assets are delivered to the audience.

This week’s Caringo webcast is hosted by our VP of Marketing Adrian “AJ” Herrera. AJ has spent the better part of the last two decades bringing innovative storage, cloud and media software and services to market. He will be joined by Product Manager Ryan Meek, who has been focused on software development in early stage companies in Austin. At Caringo, Ryan has served in a variety of roles from software developer and technical sales to product management. AJ and Ryan will share how object storage can be used to store and deliver massive amounts of unstructured data including video and images in the Object Storage for Media & Entertainment + Content Delivery webcast.

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If you are going to be at Streaming Media West next week, make sure to visit AJ and the rest of the Caringo team at booth 107.

Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

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Sarah Cook is Caringo's Director of Marketing and brings deep expertise in Product Marketing and Technical/Marketing/Corporate Communications. Sarah has worked for some of the biggest names in technology including Dell and Cisco and holds a B.A. in English Composition with a minor in Music from the University of North Texas. She sings with and serves on the Board of Directors for Panoramic Voices, a 501(c)3 choral collaborative in Austin, TX.

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