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High-Performance Computing, Big Data, and Beer

How do you bring simple, bulletproof, and limitless to that scale of data storage? These kind of use cases help enable businesses, government organizations, and those who need to extract ongoing value from their stored data.

High Performance Computing, Big Data & Beer
High Performance Computing, Big Data & Beer

The past five months have literally flown by as I’ve ramped on my new job at Caringo. Lately, I’ve been immersed in preparing for SC15, HPC Transforms which hits Austin (my home and the home of Caringo headquarters) November 15–20. In addition to planning for our expo booth and discussing what kind of beer we should drink, we’ve been making arrangements to fly in our object storage experts (who happen to be among my favorite colleagues) from around the country.

High Performance Computing, Big Data and BeerHaving spent 6 years in a Unix shop, 1 year at ERCOT (the Electric Reliability Council of Texas), 3 years at Cisco and 6 years at Dell, I thought I knew a lot about data center infrastructure…and I did. However, what I did not have a clear picture of was what some organizations need in the way of massive scalability in unstructured data storage without compromising throughput. As reported in a recent article on Forbes Tech, the global Big Data market is projected to reach $122B in revenue by 2025 and the global data traffic will cross 100 Zettabytes annually by 2025. (Source: World’s Top Global Mega Trends To 2025 and Implications to Business, Society and Cultures.)

Picture the need to store every single piece of dashcam video taken by a major metropolitan law enforcement agency (say, the City of Austin). How about creating a secure and accessible archive for forensic evidence (for example, check out this case study from the Office of Police in Victoria, Australia)? What if you need storage of digital evidence with Legal Hold and Worm compliance? Now, imagine real estate sale data for an entire country spanning the last 30 years and preparing for the next 30+ years (Dutch Real Estate Association). Or, think about the plethora of dating profiles on any given dating site (kind of makes you shudder, doesn’t it?).

So, how do you bring simple, bulletproof, and limitless to that scale of data storage? These kind of use cases are a sweet space for Caringo—where our products flourish and enable amazing capabilities for businesses, government organizations, academic researchers and those who need to extract ongoing value from their stored data.

I’m more than a little proud to work for the market leader in object storage, and the fact that Caringo was the pioneer in the field makes it all the more interesting. With easy access to the founders of the company and the VPs, and sitting in the midst of some wicked smart engineers, I’ve gotten insight into the intellectual property (IP) that sets Caringo Swarm apart.

For example, Darkive™ adaptive power conservation in storage clusters was developed at Caringo as patented technology. Darkive enables users of Caringo Swarm object storage software to adaptively spin down disks and reduce CPU utilization. And, of course, Swarm harnesses the power of system, policy and custom metadata, stored with each object, allowing users to quickly locate files when they need them. Click here for more details on how Swarm works or check out our white papers.

Want to learn more about object storage? Register for Jon Toigo’s IT-SENSE webinar: Object Storage: Is it Soup Yet? (Detailed information can be found in this press release.) Jon is always fun and insightful, and after a deep dive into object storage, he will be chatting with my boss, Adrian Herrera…who knows a ton about object storage but is also an authority on many subjects not related to object storage…like beer and gadgets. But, I digress.

I hope to see you at SC15 this month, and invite you to come by and have a beer with us Tuesday afternoon at the expo (booth #489). We will have product demonstrations available so you can see first hand how the Caringo Swarm ecosystem of products can be used. We still have a limited number of SC15 expo passes available. If you need one or have any questions, please email us at We also invite you to connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

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Sarah Cook is Caringo's Director of Marketing and brings deep expertise in Product Marketing and Technical/Marketing/Corporate Communications. Sarah has worked for some of the biggest names in technology including Dell and Cisco and holds a B.A. in English Composition with a minor in Music from the University of North Texas. She sings with and serves on the Board of Directors for Panoramic Voices, a 501(c)3 choral collaborative in Austin, TX.

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