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FileFly Takes the Gold: Review


Data tends to remain on the device where it was first stored. And if that’s your primary storage that is meant for active workloads, like transaction processing, then unstructured data can quickly fill up your file servers and create a number of issues for your organization from performance degradation to storage silos to slow file backup times and long disaster recovery windows. With the primary storage of so many organizations suffering from limited capacity and sluggishness and budgets strained by purchasing expensive new primary storage hardware, IT Pros are searching for new solutions.

This is the pain that inspired our FileFly Secondary Storage Platform, which completely automates the process of tiering off your organization’s inactive data to more economical secondary storage, reducing your primary storage footprint and associated IT costs. Caringo FileFly enables the efficient migration of data from Microsoft® Windows® Servers or NetApp® Filers to a limitless secondary pool of self-healing storage on commodity servers powered by the Caringo® Swarm Cloud & Object Storage Platform.

FileFly 2.0 was recently awarded a Gold Star by Brien Posey, technology author and speaker with over two decades of IT experience, reviewed Caringo FileFly 2.0 and concluded that:

“FileFly has simplified object storage migrations to the point that they can be configured and managed by a Windows administrator who does not have any specialized storage training beyond knowing how to work with the Windows file system. The configuration takes minutes to complete, requires minimal ongoing maintenance, and yet has the potential to greatly reduce an organization’s primary storage costs.”

FileFly simplifies the transition of data from primary storage to economical secondary storage and puts Admins in the driver’s seat. Admins select the level of file data movement based on any mix of file attributes like size, name, type, owner, last accessed, folder, etc. Processes can be scheduled at any time and administrators can receive notification of completion or if an issue arises. Among the many benefits our customers reap is the ability to:

  • Drive down TCO and TCA up to 75%
  • Identify data sets ideal for secondary storage
  • Automatically tier data without disruption to users or applications
  • Easily enable file server consolidation or collaboration
  • Consolidate & protect files on one searchable platform

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Tony Barbagallo
Tony Barbagallo

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