HP-Helion-ReadyThere are two types of people in the world…DIY (Do It Yourself) and DFY (Done For You). I’m a DIY guy, and as such, am always fascinated by having various tools at my disposal. So, I’m excited that Caringo is now part of the Helion Ready Program for Solution Partners, allowing Caringo Swarm bulletproof object storage software to be used in conjunction with the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Helion OpenStack platform.

HPE Helion users now have immediate access to a fully documented and supported object store that radically simplifies management and offers flexible, enterprise-grade data protection. Swarm is suitable for use in a variety of cloud environments—public, private and hybrid. Caringo Swarm software-defined object storage controls any volume, flow or size of unstructured information, dramatically reducing complexity while extracting maximum value and performance from HPE hardware.

So how does it work? All Swarm software runs from RAM and boots from bare metal leaving up to 95% of the disk for data. Caringo Swarm for HPE Helion OpenStack plugs into Swift and replaces the Swift object server with Swarm. HPE Helion OpenStack Swift accounts, containers, authentication and access controls are maintained, enabling seamless integration of Swarm with OpenStack’s compute and imaging components. Swarm for HP Helion OpenStack gives you a robust, fully supported, easy-to-manage and deploy object store and you can still benefit from the progress the OpenStack community is achieving.

Why use Swarm for OpenStack?

  • Ease of management and protection—Swarm automatically manages all storage balancing with integrated feeds for disaster recovery. You can now easily switch from one protection method to another without large storage migrations. (It is also simple to deploy.)
  • Consolidation of infrastructure enabling web-scale and compliance—You can use the same Swarm cluster for OpenStack, archive, cloud storage, big data or compliance use cases.
  • Darkive™—Caringo Swarm’s integrated adaptive power conservation technology Darkive reduces power consumption up to 70% for archiving use cases.
  • Stability—Swarm is field-hardened at version 7.5.4 and offers enterprise-level support.

In a recent blog on Object Storage for the Cloud Age, my colleague Russell Turpin opined on the need to archive and continuously protect almost infinite amounts of data, and why a proven, feature-rich object storage software solution is likely to be the right answer. As the pioneer in object-based storage software, Caringo brings experience, innovation and proven value to the OpenStack space. With more customers than all other object storage software companies combined, our product is differentiated by simplicity (no complex setup), ease of scalability (expand drive by drive if you wish), and advanced compliance features (e.g., WORM, Integrity Seals, and Legal Hold satisfying SEC 17-a(f)). For detailed information on Swarm, check out the Emergent Behavior: The smarts of the Swarm whitepaper.

So, whether you identify as a DIY or a DFY, check out what Caringo Swarm can do for you. I hope to see you at SC15 next week, and invite you to come by and have a beer with us Tuesday afternoon at the expo (booth #489). We still have a limited number of SC15 expo passes available. If you need one or have any questions, please email us at info@caringo.com. We also invite you to connect with us on Twitter and LinkedIn.