DiVault, an initiative of R5 Projects B.V. and EMID Consult B.V., has launched a new digital archiving in the cloud service powered by Caringo software.  The new service uses the Caringo Object Storage Platform with commodity hardware to guarantee the continuity, safety and security of data for organizations looking for a better way to structure, organize, store, search and retrieve their growing volume of digital information.

Targeting those in the government, industry, education, and financial markets, the new cloud-based service allows customers to store large quantities of data in data centers throughout the Netherlands to cost-effectively archive and retrieve business-critical information.  Caringo software delivers a secure, multi-tenant system utilizing a single namespace that can scale to billions of objects and petabytes per location with superb performance and guaranteed data protection.

Three of the key benefits that Caringo provides are 1) the ability to keep the solution responsive regardless of the number of files/objects or file size (4KB to 4TB+), 2) vendor neutral, plug and play scale out with no provisioning and automated storage balancing, and 3) a symmetric architecture with automated data integrity checking, self healing and rapid recovery that actually gets faster as the service grows.

So what does this mean for cloud storage service management staff? Well, it means that one IT administrator can manage over 10 PB of storage AND they can easily keep up with hardware power consumption and capacity improvements. We are proud to add DiVault to our expanding list of customers and look forward to their continued success.