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What Digital Evidence Storage Strategies and the Titanic Have in Common


Ask any Leonardo DiCaprio fan what sunk the Titanic and they will say…. an iceberg (not Kate Winslet). So when developing your digital evidence strategy remember, storage capacity and cost are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other considerations on your path to successful litigation, proper training and maintaining a positive public perception.

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A lot of the agencies I have talked to have multiple evidence management solutions. One for their security cameras, one for their in-car cameras and yet another that they are evaluating for their body worn cameras. The reason for this is that the points listed in the image are enabled by the evidence management solution BUT storage software like Caringo’s Swarm can act as the bridge between evidence management platforms and using any storage hardware on the backend paving the way for use of any camera in the future if integrated properly. Let’s take a look at a historical example of a very similar issue in the Healthcare industry.

There are a lot of similarities here to what went on in the medical imaging market and the rise of vendor neutral archives. In the healthcare market, sharing of information and accessibility can literally be a matter of life and death. When medical imaging vendors created expensive closed systems, it ultimately locked hospitals into using a specific vendor’s hardware, limited the ability to share patient information, limited the ability to upgrade to superior technology and ultimately impacted the level of healthcare provided. This led to Vendor Neutral Archives that acted as a middleman that ensured the images were stored in a standard format through a standard interface. This ultimately enabled the use of any imaging device and the sharing of patient information.

As an industry, the camera vendors, evidence management solutions and agencies aren’t at the standardization level yet, but in order to really leverage the power of digital evidence through metadata and analytics they will need to get there and we in the storage industry are ready to help. That said the consolidation of digital evidence is just getting started. In fact eliminating storage silos is a trend in many different industries. There will undoubtedly be continued innovation.

So where do you go from here?

I opened up this series of posts with a simple (and slightly leading) question: Does a body-worn camera for every officer make IT sense? The answer is it has to. There has been a macro shift in the market driven by very serious and real events and body worn video and digital evidence in general will help. There are a lot of new technologies on the market that can help. We are happy to help and encourage any agency, evidence management platform, or camera vendor to reach out to us if they have any questions on how Swarm can help with the storage and management of all digital evidence (In-car, BWV, security cams, mobile, audio and photos).

See how Austin PD is using Caringo Swarm:

Caringo Case Study – Swarm & City of Austin Safety Division

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Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera

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