Dell EMC World FAQThe question we get asked the most while on the show floor of Dell EMC World is “What makes Caringo different from other object storage systems?” Here are the top 3 answers:

  1. Caringo is the pioneer in object-based storage. One of our founders, Paul Carpentier, is known as the inventor of content addressable storage, a precursor technology to object storage. He sold his company, FilePool, to EMC in 2001 and the FilePool product became Centera. After the acquisition, Paul worked on a better, more “open” way to store content that was accessible via a RESTful interface over HTTP and, along with Jonathan Ring and Mark Goros, founded Caringo. When we launched our first product in 2006, we were admittedly ahead of our time. However, the vision our founders had of an age where data would be stored and accessed at such a staggering rate has come to fruition. We are dedicated to continuing our track record of helping customers store, organize and access massive amounts of unstructured data, a key component of making the IT transformation critical to compete in the digital age.
  2. With the way today’s workforce is transforming, the old storage models just don’t work for many organizations. There must be new content delivery models and storage has to work seamlessly. While many vendors are focused on selling lots and lots of hardware, we have a different approach. As software-defined storage, we run on any x86 server (although we also offer Caringo Swarm Servers for those who prefer to purchase our storage on proven Dell EMC PowerEdge servers). We also have a product, FileFly, that automatically offloads primary storage in a way that is completely transparent to applications and users. In fact, you can optimize Windows File Servers and NetApp filers by reducing utilization about 70% and reduce storage TCO up to 75%. With advanced tools for bringing data in and out of the Swarm cluster, we are a terrific complement to existing solutions and for helping people break the cycle of buying more and more high-cost hardware. With Caringo, you reduce the stress on your budget by shifting to a commodity cost curve while optimizing primary storage and reduce stress on yourself by knowing your data is protected, searchable and accessible by multiple protocols.
  3. Caringo provides a virtually bulletproof vault for storing your files with security features such as WORM, Legal Hold and Integrity Seals. Trusted by over 500 organizations, Caringo Swarm is an ideal fit in the Media & Entertainment (M&E), HPC, government, education, and medical industry. The Department of Defense, Department of Justice, a number of IAC companies, NEP, Fox Sports, Argonne National Labs, Johns Hopkins, Oxford University Press and hundreds of other organizations rely on Caringo technology every day.

If you are at Dell EMC World today, make sure to stop by and see us in Booth 1300 near the IoT/OEM neighborhood, pick up a light-up purple yo-yo to take home to your kid (or for your  inner child), and see how we can help you conquer your data storage and IT budget challenges. We are ready and waiting to leverage our experience to help you solve your most pressing storage and access requirements.