18 Object Storage HitsAs 2018 comes to a close, let’s take a look back at our object storage educational content that was most viewed this year.

Top 8 Webinars

This year, we introduced the Tech Tuesday webinar series to provide in-depth education and an opportunity for our viewers to ask questions of our technical staff, the most experienced Object Storage engineers in the industry.

Favorite Tech Tuesday Webinars

Of our Tech Tuesday webinars, the following three were our top viewed:

Other Popular Object Storage Webinars

A few other webinar topics continued to generate lots of interests, including:

Webinars on Future-Proofing Storage Infrastructure

And, as everyone is looking for innovative ways to future-proof their storage infrastructure, these two webinars garnered attention:

Top 4 Blogs

In first place, Tony Barbagallo’s Back to Basics: What is Object Storage? continues to be our most popular blog. So popular that he recorded a companion webinar (What is Object Storage video).

Additional Blogs of Interest

The following blogs were also popular this year, and show continued interest in preparing for the data deluge that businesses and organizations around the globe are experiencing:

Next week, we will continue our countdown of our most popular content. Have questions? Contact us to speak with an object storage expert or schedule a custom demo.