The Changing Face of Object StorageA lot of things have changed since Caringo was founded in 2005 by Paul Carpentier, Jonathan Ring and Mark Goros (hence the name Caringo). The data storage demands faced by organizations both public and private in every vertical have increased dramatically. And, Object Storage technology has continuously evolved to meet and those challenges and enable those organizations to be prepared for future growth.

History of Object Storage

Paul Carpentier is known as the inventor of content addressable storage (CAS), which was a precursor to object storage. When he sold his company FilePool to EMC in 2001, the FilePool product became Centera. From there, Paul was inspired to develop a more efficient and “open” way to store content and to make it accessible via a RESTful interface over HTTP. When the team at Caringo launched the first product in 2006, they were ahead of the time. But, as the 21st century has progressed, the vision of just how useful Object Storage would become has been realized.

What is Object Storage?

Our CEO Tony Barbagallo published a blog that explains the basics of object-based storage a couple of years ago, and just last year collaborated with VP Marketing Adrian “AJ” Herrera on a webinar that covers this topic. Watch the video.

How has Object Storage Changed?

At Caringo, this is not your father’s Object Storage. We’ve been leading the way in Object Storage technology, and we continue to innovate and bring solutions to the marketplace that push the limits of size, efficiency and speed. Check out our benchmark testing and the use case for the STFC RAL JASMIN super-data-cluster to learn more.

What’s Next for Object Storage?

Object Storage is not going anywhere. Yes, it will continue to evolve and change as the market changes (see what AJ Herrera predicts will be the major influences). Competitors will enter and leave the field as their technology evolves or fails, but one thing is for sure: Caringo is here to stay and we will continue to provide storage for the online, distributed world.

Watch the Swarm 10 webinar to learn more about where we are taking Object Storage as we continue to mature our product and expand the Caringo Object Storage Product Line.