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How Object Storage Meets Vertical Market Requirements

The Appeal of Object Storage to Vertical Markets Object storage is getting a lot attention recently as the optimal platform for storing large amounts of non-transactional files across a growing number of vertical markets. These markets include media and entertainment (video), research (images, raw datasets), asset management (unstructured files), government & law (records management, surveillance), […]

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Metadata Storage Solutions

A couple of weeks ago, I discussed RAID vs. advanced erasure coding in the context of protecting vital healthcare data. This week, I want to talk about some issues around the storage of object metadata. One of the great advantages of object storage is that each object can have a collection of metadata that describes […]

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The Big Deal with Big Data Analytics

Unstructured data is growing dramatically. According to IDC, the world’s data will grow by 50X in the next decade. Historically, all organizations needed to do with this data is store and access it every now and then, but that is no longer the case. In 2014, Forbes predicted that data-driven insight would be a part […]

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