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7 Reasons You Need Object Storage in 2017

The new year is upon us and data storage challenges loom large for many organizations. Caringo Swarm object storage has proven to be versatile for a number of use cases (including active archives, cloud storage, analytics, content distribution, and backups) in verticals such as M&E, HPC, Government, Healthcare and Education. Boiling it down, here are […]

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The Future of Data Storage Solutions

This article was originally published on Linux CloudExpo Journal. Bridging the divide between legacy storage and new data management platforms could constrain IT organizations and budgets and could prevent the utilization of cost-effective scalable storage infrastructures. But, businesses can avoid some of these constraints by evaluating their storage options objectively and asking themselves three important […]

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NAS vs. Object: Data Archive—Long-Term Data Efficiency

This article was originally published by Storage Switzerland. Most of the time when unstructured data is created there is never a need to access it again. But it is still necessary to store it just in case you need it. When the “just in case” scenario occurs, you need to retrieve it quickly and it […]

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