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CAStor® evolves to Caringo Swarm™… more than a rebrand, it’s the only way to manage uncomplicated scale.


caringo-swarm-logoToday, we announced the move from CAStor to Caringo Swarm7. On the surface this may look like just a rebrand but there are significant characteristics in our architecture that are based on emergent behavior for the sole purpose of providing scalable storage that works so you can focus on you business.

CAStor, a leader for nearly a decade

CAStor was one of the first software-defined storage products (if not the first) on the market launched in 2006. Originally targeted at the Content Addressable Storage market, CAStor grew into one of the most robust object storage software solutions. The past few years there have been a number of new entrants into the object storage market who each have their unique approach to handling scale but what was lacking in most solutions is a focus on architectural simplicity that eliminates single points of failure and focuses on automation and uncomplicated scale without manual management

Cloud conditioning, more is now expected from storage

In the last 8-10 months we have noticed an incredible increase in momentum in the object storage space and inbound requests. In talking to customers and those evaluating object storage we started to notice a multi-faceted trend. We call this cloud conditioning.

Cloud conditioning, end users want:

  • To store everything the create
  • They want to get it back when they want it
  • From any application or device

They don’t understand why this is difficult from the IT perspective. They can go to Gmail, Box, Amazon S3, iCloud or any other cloud service and store pretty much everything they create. But as everyone in the IT industry knows this isn’t easy to do in a cost effective, easy to manage way with existing (aka legacy) storage infrastructure. To cut to the chase legacy storage, scale-up storage, RAID based solutions and other siloed solutions are reaching their limits in scalability, durability, access or all 3.

Enter Caringo Swarm, uncomplicated scale

The message from most in the object storage space has to do with massive scalability, performance, cost effectiveness, fault tolerance and direct access. CAStor has been proving these characteristics for nearly a decade. What we learned from our Cloud Conditioning epiphany was that it just isn’t about these characteristics. In order to truly mange the relentless growth of unstructured information, a storage solution must provide all of these things in a way that pretty much manages itself as the solution grows. This is key aspect of our symmetric architecture. All nodes follow simple rules to manage a complex system – very similar to a Swarm. We also encapsulate data with all system, policy and custom information. This frees data from being locked into place or tethered to a database. When you approach storage this way you can automatically manage complexity as a solution scales because there are truly no single points of failure, data is dynamic and can move freely and the system can continuously and automatically optimize itself.

There are significant enhancements in Caringo Swarm

With Swarm we rethought what an index should be and developed a new dynamically distributed index – that you don’t need to manage! It reduces multicasting, reduces network chatter, and reduces CPU load. We optimized elements of our architecture to decrease boot times by 300% and we now support true parallel uploading with append functionality where you don’t need to rewrite an object. We also introduced BlockScaler to our interface portfolio for iSCSI on our pure object storage approach. With these enhancements we are able to obfuscate our pure object storage foundation and provide unified storage software that can run on any standard hardware.

Try it for free

The value of Swarm from an end user perspective is very simple – Your data, when and where you need it. From the IT perspective there are multiple layers of value from optimization of resources to the ability to provide new data services all on standard hardware that you can continuously evolve without downtime, in a solution that manages itself with interfaces for your existing and new cloud based applications. But don’t just take our word for it. Contact us and we will set you up with a full-featured evaluation version.

Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera

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Adrian "AJ" Herrera has over 20 years of experience bringing innovative storage, cloud and media software and services to market. With an MBA from San Diego State University and a BS in Information Systems from Chapman University, AJ serves as Caringo's VP of Marketing.

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