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Caringo’s Top 5 Videos of 2020

Check out the Top 5 Caringo Videos being watched in 2020 as viewing habits are including more screen time both for entertainment and business.

Caringo-Velocity of Change
Caringo-Velocity of Change

With so many of us staying home more, viewing habits are changing dramatically to include more screen time. March video game sales reached a decade high, streaming services are seeing unprecedented growth and meeting platforms like Zoom have a skyrocketing number of users. It is easy to see why platforms for entertainment are growing quickly, but is the same thing happening from a business perspective? The BrightTALK webinar platform, which we’ve been using since 2015, has increased users by 200% over the past couple of months.

Educational Content from Caringo on Object Storage

We’ve seen an uptick in interest for our educational content about Object Storage this year, and our new conversational Brews & Bytes webcast series that premiered in January seems to have struck a chord. Adrian J Herrera, Caringo VP Marketing, hosts thought leaders from Caringo and our partner organizations. Today at 11am PT/2pm ET, Adrian will host Robert Browne, Signiant Founder & VP Global Technology, and TW Cook, Caringo VP Engineering, to discuss Remote Workflows, Big Files & Big Storage…A Big Problem? (You can watch it live or on demand after the event).

In addition to our Brews & Bytes series, we are now in the third year of our Tech Tuesday webinars. On Tech Tuesday, we feature knowledgeable technical experts who get into the weeds on topics such as Object Storage, High-Performance Computing (HPC), Digital Video, and Media & Entertainment (M&E Workflows).

Caringo’s Top 5 Videos for 2020…So Far

I usually save my blogs with lists for the end of the year. I can only explain this early list appearance by confessing to you that since the pandemic started, I’m using the good china, drinking the best wine in my collection, and binge watching “Ozark” to infuse joie de vivre into my world.

So, without further ado, here is the list of our Top 5 videos for 2020 so far. This list includes content taped prior to 2020 that is now being watched on demand as well as one of our newest episodes of Brews & Bytes. Drumroll please!

What’s the Difference Between Block, File and Object-based Data Storage?

This oldie but goodie featuring our CEO Tony Barbagallo appears at the top of our list every week, as more and more people are looking for a way to store massive amounts of data cost-effectively, but without losing the ability to quickly access their valuable assets.

How Do I Use Metadata with Object-based Data Storage?

This video from February of 2018 has been gaining in popularity and sits in our number 2 spot this year. The message is clear, people want to understand the role of metadata in Object Storage, and learn how Caringo’s implementation of metadata sets us apart from other Object Storage vendors. And, there is nobody better to learn this from than our own Principal Solutions Architect Ryan Meek.

How Does Elasticsearch Integrate with Object Storage?

Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine that can be used with Object Storage to enhance searchability of metadata searching operations. Coming in at number 3, we have a deep dive into Elasticsearch with CEO Tony Barbagallo and Sr. Engineer Jam Afshid, who provides a demo of how Elasticsearch is used with Caringo Swarm Object Storage.

Video Production & Broadcasting in Social-Distancing Era: What’s Here to Stay? Brews & Bytes, episode 4

Episode 4 of our Brews & Bytes series was just filmed in late April 2020, but it has already proven to be extremely popular. In this episode, Adrian J Herrera hosts Nick Smith, VP of Technology for JB&A, a leading distributor specializing in Video Production and Broadcast, and Ben Canter, Caringo VP of Global Sales. This informal talk focuses on how the COVID-19 epidemic and the resulting necessities of working remotely and social distancing have affected the world of video production and broadcasting, as well as all things Media & Entertainment.

What are the 5 Tiers of Storage for New Video Production Workflows?

There’s a common thread with this video-focused webinar and episode 4 of Brews & Bytes above. Adrian and Nick are a winning combination and they are both founts of information about storage and the video industry. If you are struggling with what storage is right for your video production workflows, this webinar was designed for you. Adrian and Nick explain the 5 tiers of storage for video production workflows—covering super-fast storage for editing to economical storage on-prem or in the cloud and everything in between.

What Content Will You See Next?

After today’s Brews & Bytes episode, our next virtual event will be our May 26, Tech Tuesday Webinar, How Object Storage Makes it Easier to Access Your Data from Anywhere.

Sr. Consultant John Bell is back in the host chair with Ryan Meek featured as the subject matter expert. They will discuss the need to access data from anywhere at any time, particularly the data that resides in traditional in-house storage solutions that can be difficult to surface to teams suddenly required to work remotely. You will learn how Swarm Object Storage was designed from the ground up to give you this “anywhere/anytime” capability

Have a problem you think Object Storage might solve or a topic that you would like to see us cover? Feel free to email us at We love hearing from you!

Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

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