Our friends at the the Register posted a great article today giving an overview on how Caringo, VMWare and Intel are playing a key role in what will become the central, secure storage repository of digital records for 330 million people as part of a medical imaging cloud for patients across the United States.  The solution is a project developed through a partnership between John Hopkins University and Harris Corporation called Peake Healthcare Innovations.

The medical record cloud called PeakeSecure, uses our object storage platform as cloud storage infrastructure to automatically protect hundreds of millions of files each with 3 replicas. When dealing with an archive of this size drive failure is assured but by using replicas our software can reliably protect billions of files and hundreds of petabytes of records. This simply isn’t possible with RAID 5 or 6 because of performance issues associated with striping and rebuild times that increase as capacity increases.

PeakeSecure also uses our adaptive power consumption technology (Darkive), which allows CPU and the disks within the array to spin up or down as access patterns to data changes, resulting in a huge savings on operational and energy costs. Darkive is especially useful for cost savings in the medical industry where records need to be stored for a minimum of 7 years and are rarely accessed after a patient is treated. We have some customers that store children’s medical records that plan to store them indefinitely – imagine the cost if those discs kept spinning forever.

The solution has already been successfully tested in a private cloud utilized by two Johns Hopkins hospitals with a full version rolling out to its university hospital system in March.  The public cloud version is scheduled to be completed later this year.