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Caringo FileFly Data Management Tool Reaches Full Bloom

FileFly tiering to AWS, Azure, Google, and Swarm gives you policy-driven, S3-compatible data management so you have the freedom to choose how, where and when to store your data.

Bring Your Filer Into the Cloud Age
FileFly Webinar

Formats and methodologies for storing and distributing information continue to evolve. This means that the tools we use to manage and move data must also grow. When the Farmer’s Almanac originated in 1818, it was printed using a printing press. Fast-forward 200 years, and now it is available online as well as printed (using far more sophisticated technology). Having the trusty Farmer’s Almanac on the Internet, we can easily use Google to discover that “astronomers and calendar manufacturers alike now say that the spring season starts one day earlier, March 20, in all time zones in North America.” (If like me, you thought today was the first day of spring, don’t feel bad.)

The Origin of Caringo FileFly Data Management Tool

FileFly was the first product launch I worked on when I joined the Caringo team in 2015. When it was launched, we referred to it as Caringo FileFly for Swarm—as it plugged into NetApp and Windows file servers so organizations could combine the performance of file servers with the scalability and economy of our Swarm object storage software platform. And, it did this without affecting existing mount points or applications.

Award-Winning FileFly Adds Support for Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure & Google Cloud

FileFly Product of the Year—Data Management ToolsLet’s fast-forward again. This time, just 3 and a half short years. After winning a TechTarget Search Storage Silver Award in 2017 and being awarded 5 stars by Brien Posey in a TechGenix review, FileFly has bloomed into a full-fledged Secondary Storage Solution that offers multi-cloud support for Amazon (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud as well as our Caringo Swarm Object Storage (now field-hardened at version 10).

What’s New in FileFly v3.0?

Like earlier versions, FileFly 3.0 still enables organizations to scale storage to multiple petabytes and trillions of files, optimize filers, and consolidate files across multiple locations. This allows organizations to take full advantage of public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure. And, it still has no application changes and provides transparent end-user file access.

With the innovations in FileFly 3.0 (launched in 2018), it is the only solution you need for complete, automated data lifecycle management of all your unstructured data—from creation to preservation. To keep it simple, it remains policy-driven so you select the level of file data movement based on your business requirements. This makes it simple to consolidate data on a single platform, to add a remote disaster recovery (DR) site or to integrate seamless transparent file backup with smart provisioning of primary storage.


FileFly Community Edition

The need for this type of data management tool that provides the ultimate flexibility for moving your data led us to offer the FileFly Community Edition, a full-featured 25 TB license at no cost. We wanted to give organizations an easy way to try FileFly 3.0, with no upfront investment or long-term commitment. (Email us at for more information on obtaining a FileFly Community Edition license.)

Learn More About FileFly

using-filefly-manage-data-azure-google-amazon-swarmRegister now for our March Tech Tuesday webinar: Using FileFly to Manage Your Data with Azure, Google, Amazon or Swarm. March 26 at 7am PT/10am ET, Senior Consultants John Bell and Tony Lokko will explain how FileFly works and give a live demonstrate. Throughout the presentation, they will take questions so you can learn from their extensive experience in architecting, deploying and managing storage solutions.


Sarah Cook
Sarah Cook

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