As organizations of every kind see their traditional storage solutions strain under the explosive growth of unstructured digital assets and rapidly changing access requirements, more and more are looking for alternatives. This has led many to object storage. There are various reasons organizations are making the shift; however, there are 3 concerns driving the need for object storage present in every organization that has deployed our technology:

  1. Data loss
  2. Not being able to get to their data
  3. Not being able to find the data they need when they need it

So why is object storage better at managing and mitigating these concerns when compared to other storage architectures like block and file-based solutions? The short answer is: it’s complicated! There is a time and a place for each technology.

In our next webinar, CEO Tony Barbagallo and I will get back to basics in an educational webinar where we explain what object storage is, how it compares to traditional file and block storage, and when object storage is the right solution for your data center. We will explore the challenges with data that motivate organizations to adopt object storage and discuss how object storage can help your organization.

Back to Basics: What is Object Storage?
Date: Tuesday, August 28
Time: 10 am PT/1 pm ET