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Avoid Storage Fireworks with Swarm 9.6 Object Storage

Caringo stays ahead of data management and protection/access requirements with hassle-free, limitless Swarm object storage so you can enjoy worry-free holidays.

Caringo Swarm 9.6
Caringo Swarm 9.6

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than to upgrade to the latest Swarm release? The Caringo team has worked tirelessly over the years to stay ahead of your storage management and data protection/access requirements, and Swarm 9.6 is a great example of how we are continuously innovating and adding new functionality between major release cycles. Enhancements in version 9.6 include:

  • User Interface (UI) updates — The Swarm UI includes new capabilities around object renaming and version management allowing more precise content control by incorporating the full expressiveness of the native storage API within the UI actions. Additionally, the UI is updated to support the latest release of SwarmNFS.
  • Next-Generation Replication Method — Swarm Storage now supports a new replication method, replication by direct POST. This new replication technology offers better performance and flow management between source and target clusters, so that you can increase the rate (for faster hydration) or lower it (to prevent swamping a smaller target).
  • Platform Command Line Interface (CLI) Expansion — The set of CLI commands for Swarm Platform server has been extensively expanded and simplified to improve system administration.
  • Documentation — The Swarm documentation has been reorganized by audience use case: Deployment, Administration and Development. Additionally, a new Deployment Planning section has been added that includes best-practice guidance and numerous architectural examples for successfully implementing Swarm.

 Swarm version 9.6 is now available for download on Caringo Connect for all customers with a paid support contract. For more detailed information, registered Caringo Connect users can review the Swarm 9.6 Release Notes. If you are evaluating scale-out storage for your organization and would like to speak with one of our object storage experts, please contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions and schedule a custom demo with you.

Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera

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Adrian "AJ" Herrera has over 20 years of experience bringing innovative storage, cloud and media software and services to market. With an MBA from San Diego State University and a BS in Information Systems from Chapman University, AJ serves as Caringo's VP of Marketing.

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