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Screenshot 2015-07-28 at 9.38.19 AM

Data management infrastructure and strategies are among the top concerns of IT departments today. Recent research from ESG Global reports that senior IT managers are supporting more than one petabyte of storage within their organization, yet there is widespread confusion about how to manage and extract value from this data.

One option gaining significant traction is object storage technology. Object storage (also referred to as object-based storage or OBS) offers a solution for efficiently storing, managing, and protecting these exascale amounts of data. Although less than 50% of IT professionals demonstrate a strong understanding of object technology, it is quickly gaining traction and interest among leaders looking to create a data architecture that:

  • Offers continuous data protection
  • Has no single point of failure
  • Can scale to exascale levels
  • Requires little administrative effort
  • Is hardware agnostic; that is, can run on any commodity x86 server hardware that includes storage media

Additionally, and perhaps the greatest benefit of object storage, is the power it provides to IT managers to intelligently manage their organization’s data through each object’s rich metadata. Object storage enables users to apply policies, based on metadata values, to automatically manage the data lifecycle from creation to expiration. The rich advantages of object storage have contributed to its growth in recent years, with IDC projecting the file- and object-based storage (FOBS) market to reach $38 billion by 2017.

The benefits of and demand for object storage are apparent. It’s a data storage solution IT professionals must consider—especially when working with large amounts of unstructured data. Through managing data as objects—rather than as files or blocks—object storage achieves lower costs by focusing on automation and transforming commodity hardware into highly resilient, enterprise-ready storage that is infinitely scalable and instantly accessible over HTTP.

Caringo, founded in 2005, turned 10 this year. When other companies were thinking about how to maximize traditional hardware storage, Caringo was literally “thinking outside the box” … ahead to object-based, scale-out software-defined storage. Setting out to build a scalable, intelligent and secure storage solution, Caringo was a pioneer in object storage and, for a decade, has been helping enterprises solve their storage challenges with storage software (including organizations that must meet industry requirements and governmental regulations such as HIPAA). Check out our case studies to see how we help our customers succeed.

At Caringo, we understand that you need control over any volume, flow, or size of unstructured information. So, our engineers designed a solution that dramatically reduces complexity and costs while extracting maximum value and performance from hardware. Caringo’s unique benefits are delivered through a symmetric architecture that enables massive scalability, continuous data protection, and automation of management in a comprehensive software suite—ideal for cloud storage, big data, and active archives in any industry.

With some of the most experienced thought leaders and engineers in the object-storage industry and patented technology such as Darkive™our work continues. We are committed to building the best solutions in the marketplace to help you conquer your toughest storage challenges.

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Adrian Herrera
Adrian Herrera

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Adrian "AJ" Herrera has over 20 years of experience bringing innovative storage, cloud and media software and services to market. With an MBA from San Diego State University and a BS in Information Systems from Chapman University, AJ serves as Caringo's VP of Marketing.

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