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9 Reasons You Need Object Storage in 2019

In this blog, read about 9 compelling and timely reasons IT Pros are looking at Caringo’s comprehensive suite of object storage solutions in 2019.

Nine reasons you need object storage
9-Reasons Object Storage

Two years ago, we outlined 7 Reasons You Need Object Storage in 2017 from the perspective of how object storage technology functions. In 2018, we examined eight market trends that support the case for using object storage. The functionality and market trends that we discussed in prior years are still relevant.

However, in this past year, we’ve continued to evolve our product line to keep up with the growing demand for affordable, S3-compatible storage solutions.

Why Caringo Object Storage Solutions?

As we usher in the new year, I’d like to share the most compelling and timely reasons driving interest in Caringo’s object storage solutions:

  1. Efficiency. Our CEO Tony Barbagallo posed the question: Can Object Storage Really Replace Parallel File Systems? He spoke to HPC use cases and came up with a resounding “YES” answer, noting that this was absolutely possible with Caringo Swarm. As illustrated in recent testing at the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Rutherford Appleton Laboratory (RAL) Space supporting the JASMIN project, Swarm out-performed other leading object-based storage solutions, providing simple multi-protocol (S3/NFS) internal/external file sharing and automated tenant management. Visit the STFC Deploys Caringo Swarm in Its Super Data Cluster landing page for more information.
  2. Convenience. Our new Swarm Single Server is an on-prem, S3-accessible storage appliance with built-in content management. It provides all the hardware and software you need to keep archived content online, searchable and web-accessible—secure within your network. Start small with just one server then scale out to match the pace of your organization’s storage needs.
  3. Evolution of Storage Requirements for Video: In our always-on world, video is increasingly responsible for the data deluge—from production workflows to active archives to OTT streaming. With the rate of content creation, delivery, distribution and reuse increasing, there is more need than ever for cost-effective S3 storage. Watch last month’s 5 Tiers of Storage for New Video Production Workflows webinar to learn more.
  4. Ease of Management. Swarm provides transparency into your storage cluster as all management features can now be accessed through the same API. For a demo, watch the recording of our Tech Tuesday Webinar: Using the Swarm Object Storage User Interface.
  5. Freedom for Your IT Staff. Chained to a desk? Not with Caringo. Manage an entire Swarm object storage cluster from any laptop, tablet or mobile device with interactions performed through a series of contextual links. Everything you need to get a real-time status of your cluster can now be in the palm of your hand as you walk through your data center or, better yet, sit in a sports bar with a beer in hand. Learn more by reading this blog.
  6. Bring File Archive Into the Cloud Age. SwarmNFS 2.0 leverages a powerful patent-pending feature in Swarm that allows a client to only send the data of an object that has changed, dynamically reducing the bandwidth requirements and time for a client to update existing objects.
  7. Automated Data Lifecycle Management. Working with both NetApp and Windows filers, Caringo FileFly simplifies the migration of secondary data from NAS to Caringo Swarm, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud. FileFly enables you to consolidate data on a single platform, easily add a remote disaster recovery (DR) site, backup files transparently and seamlessly and provision primary storage.
  8. Integration with Best-of-Breed Technologies & Resellers. Caringo partners with leading technology companies to ensure complete end-to-end scale-out storage solutions in Media & Entertainment, HPC, Enterprise IT, Medical and Cloud Technology. We work with the leading systems integrators, resellers, and distributors to develop complete solutions to your most pressing storage challenges. Learn more by reading our Solution Briefs and reviewing our list of partners.
  9. Professional Services and Support. As the pioneer in object-based storage, Caringo employs the most experienced engineers in the business. From architecting your proof of concept to keeping your organization up and running with our global 24x7x365 support team, our business is helping your business succeed.

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Sarah Cook

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