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December 2015

  FileFly for Swarm ESG has published two new pieces about Caringo FileFly for Swarm, which plugs into file servers, allowing you to combine the performance of file servers with the scalability and economy of object storage. Learn more by watching Beyond NAS: Solving The Challenges Of Unsustainable Storage Silos video with Steve Duplessie. Then, [...]

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November 2015

Join us for an IT-SENSE webinar with Jon Toigo, author of 17 books and noted journalist, and Adrian Herrera, Caringo’s VP of Marketing, titled “Object Storage: Is It Soup Yet?”

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October 2015

FileFly launched in August, enabling you to bring your NetApp® and Windows® file servers into the cloud age! Learn more by viewing this recent webinar.

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September 2015

FileFly is a revolutionary way to get more from your NetApp or Windows filers—with no need to change how your applications or users work—by automatically tiering files to a limitless pool of bulletproof storage enabled by Caringo Swarm. Learn more by reading today’s blog post from our CEO, Jonathan Ring, “To File or Not to File.”

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