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Object Storage for Preservation of Digital Video

To preserve digital video, you need the scalability, reliability, searchability and accessibility of Swarm object storage.

2021 Predictions: Content, Cloud and Collaboration

Our data-centric predictions for 2021 are here, and it is all about the 3 Cs (content, cloud and collaboration).

Top Object Storage Educational Resources of 2020

The demand for educational resources on object-based storage and data management continued to soar in 2020.

Hot Topics in Tech: A Year of Brews & Bytes, Part 2

A look back at Brews & Bytes (B&B) webcasts on broader topics around storage, technology and the world in which we live

Hot Topics in Tech: A Year of Brews & Bytes, Part 1

Media entertainment broadcasting to Big Data and HPC, a lot of hot topics in this year's Brews and Bytes webcast on BrightTALK streaming

Celebrating 3 Years of Object Storage Tech Tuesday Webinars

Elasticsearch, metadata, migrating data from SAN/NAS/tape to Object Storage and hardware selection ranked tops with our Tech Tuesday audience.

A Perfect Trio: Object Storage, Metadata and Elasticsearch

Omne trium perfectum when using metadata, Elasticsearch and object storage to form an intelligent data management platform—ready to scale

Caringo at the IABM BaM Live Event

Caringo joins IABM's BaM Live virtual event to discuss Swarm object storage's data management capabilities for optimizing workflows

Object Storage Isn’t Just S3 Access

High-throughput, feature-rich S3 object storage for hot/warm content and enabling search combined with the economics of tape

Swarm 12 Intelligent Data Management for Content Access, Delivery & Archive

Swarm v12 is still object storage, but has evolved into an intelligent data management platform for content access, delivery and archive

Fighting Pandemic Boredom? Technology to the Rescue

From doom scrolling to binge watching to video conferencing, technology is used not just for work but to fight pandemic boredom.

Fall Leaves & Data Deluges: Selecting the Right Solutions

Data deluge? It's all about finding the right solution. Caringo Swarm Object Storage helps you gain control over your data, budget and time.

Why Use a Cloud-Native Approach to Development?

We’ve worked with customers on cloud-native applications since 2006 and that approach is used in our own product development.

Caringo Certification of Western Digital’s Ultrastar Serv60+8 Hybrid Storage Server

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Caringo certifies hardware compatibility and what that means for vendors and customers.

Location, Location, Location…Does it Matter in the Data Age? Part 2

Copies of data in the cloud and on super-fast, on-prem SAN/NAS with redundancy is a utopian dream. What is the cost-effective alternative?

Location, Location, Location…Does it Matter in the Data Age? Part 1

In the age where everyone and everything is connected, does location matter anymore? Or, is it all about connectivity and access to data?

When and Where Performance Matters with Object Storage

Storage performance matters most when the content you are storing is at the very heart of your business model.

Information Technology and Connection in the Virtual World

Can IT providers provide the massive bandwidth, rapid application customization and storage infrastructure needed for today's virtual world?

The Everything-Online Approach for Data and Assets

An everything-online approach challenges the traditional paradigms for storage, with new requirements for intelligent data management and access

Caringo Helps Partners Solve M&E Workflow Challenges

Media creators, broadcasters, streaming services, VARs and SIs around the globe trust Swarm Object Storage. Learn how we earned their trust.

5 Good Questions to Ask Before Buying Object Storage

Make sure these 5 questions are on your list to ask when buying object storage; the uncommon questions can make a big difference longterm

You Don’t Need Big Bucks to Make Archives Active

How are sports organizations meeting current content demands? Can you do the same by building an active archive for content repurposing?

What is the Best Strategy for a Data Disaster Recovery Plan?

Evaluating your existing DR strategy or developing a new one? Learn how to efficiently add cloud storage for a hybrid cloud approach.

What is Metadata and How Does it Help You?

Metadata in short is “data about the data.” It is just as important as the data itself. In context, a video file may include metadata describing the length of time, GPS coordinates