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Object Storage from a Different View

Learn about the inspiration behind our new Brews & Bytes webcast in this blog by VP Marketing Adrian "AJ" Herrera.

3 Object Storage Principles to Follow as an Advanced User

How to avoid common pitfalls? Familiar with object storage design and usage patterns? Or lastly, high-performance metadata and how to configure to maximize performance?

Object Storage 2020 Outlook

Object storage provides a data archive at exabyte scale as we reach the tipping point for on-demand streaming, AI/ML and tech innovation.

Technology Roars into the 2020s: Can Object Storage Help?

Take a look at 5 areas of technology poised to roar into the 20s. Can object storage solutions provide the massive storage archives required?

About Object Storage: Educational Webinars

Learn about Tech Tuesday educational webinars and get our list of 7 most popular episodes that have stood the test of time

Data Storage: Top 10 Hits of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, check out the 10 most popular pieces of content on the Caringo website and see what is in store for 2020.

Monetizing Your Data Archive

Throughout history, archives have taken many forms. Is an active digital archive built with object storage key to monetizing your data?

Evaluating Object Storage Solutions for 2020

Forewarned is forearmed. Do you know how to determine which object storage product is the right solution for your use case and organization?

Black Friday & Shopping in Our Connected World

Black Friday, Cyber Monday...the post-Thanksgiving shopping frenzy begins. How will your org stay competitive in today's connected world?

SC19, Partners and Swarm Object Storage in HPC

At SC19, we caught up with some of our HPC partners, including FileCatalyst's John Tkaczewski and Globus's Rachana Ananthakrishnan.

Hybrid Storage: Swarm Object Storage & Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Hybrid storage should just work. Swarm Object Storage and Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage do just that, integrating seamlessly with your workflows.

SC19, HPC and Object Storage for 2020 & Beyond

Need to add storage capacity to keep business booming in 2020 & beyond? Visit us at SC19 to learn how Swarm Object Storage can help.

Modernizing Archive for M&E Workflows with Swarm Object Storage

How can you modernize storage infrastructure for digital content with so many changes in M&E over the last 10 years? Object Storage is key!

Object Storage: Get What You Need

What do you need from your object storage? Massive scale, simple accessibility and easy retrieval for data? You've come to the right place!

Transforming Enterprise Data Storage for HPC

The need for HPC in Enterprise Data Storage has escalated with the explosion of big data. Learn how Object Storage can help.

NFL, Streaming Video and Active Archives – The Big Easy

Caringo Swarm Object Storage technology is a valuable tool for enabling workflows for sports video. You might say it's "The Big Easy."

Why Move from ActiveScale to Swarm Object Storage?

Caringo makes it easy to transition from Western Digital ActiveScale to Swarm object storage as WD exits the Enterprise Storage market.

High-Performance Computing with Object Storage

The size of HPC data sets is exploding. With Swarm Object Storage, manage thousands of tenants and billions of files while simplifying access

Verifying Content Integrity in Swarm Object Storage

You can verify data in Swarm Object Storage using Content-MD5 methods, Integrity Seals or Lifepoint Metadata Headers (WORM).

Swarm Object Storage Now Goes to 11

With Swarm 11, we gave “that extra push over the cliff” to accelerate access to video files with an on-demand archive.

Object Storage at IBC2019

We head to IBC2019 next week. Visit our team at Stand 5.C33 to learn how Swarm Object Storage provides an on-demand archive for M&E workflows.

How Object Storage Optimizes Your Time & Resources

Discover the benefits of object-based storage and learn how Caringo Swarm Storage optimizes your data storage with on-demand access to data

It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s Swarm Object Storage!

Data, like luggage, must be stored within a defined space and items need to be easy to retrieve. So, buckle on up with Swarm Object Storage!

Selecting the Right Data Storage Tools for the Job

Need data storage, but not sure what type? Determine if SAN, NAS, Tape or Object Storage is the right fit and get tips on evaluating products