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Swarm Server Appliances with Swarm Object Storage Software Platform UI

Intelligent Data Management
for Content Access, Delivery & Archive

S3, NFS and SMB access to your files at exabyte scale

Rapid Recovery

25xless down-time than
traditional RAID storage

Superior Optimization

95%storage utilization for media
and content

Performance Ready

5xfaster throughput for S3 read
and write operations
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Swarm single server software and hardware appliance, complete object storage device for on-prem solutions

On-prem, S3-accessible Data Storage Devices

Leading Global Organizations Rely on Caringo

Scalability is one of the slickest things about Caringo, one sweet thing they did with the platform is, when you drop a new node in, it builds itself from the ground up. The new node announces itself to the main controller. If you want to add a 72 TB or petabyte node you just drop it in.

caringo customer logo BT
CTO for Cloud Services

We chose Caringo Swarm because it was the most flexible platform for us and had good per terabyte licensing. We started with 100 TBs and now have over 1.25 PBs across 200 nodes from different hardware vendors. Caringo Swarm is a key component to deliver that high-end quality service that NEP has always aimed for.

caringo customer logo NEP
Lead System Architect

We just pulled out a hot swappable disk and plugged in a new one, after clicking a few buttons the drive was being restored and the cluster was re-protected. Our end-users didn’t notice anything.

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Director of Technology
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