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Active Archive

Active Archive

Optimize data durability & access with elastic protection.

Big Data

Big Data

Enable limitless, scalable storage.

“One of the biggest management headaches we face is that our employees store all of the data they create on expensive primary storage—they never delete any files. With FileFly, we set policies that move data based on user access patterns to more cost-effective storage while still providing instant access to a user’s files.”

Martin Kühn
IT Service Manager, Max Planck Institute

“We just pulled out a hot swappable disk and plugged in a new one,” says Van Eenaeme. “After clicking a few buttons the drive was being restored and the cluster was re-protected. Our end-users didn’t notice anything.”

Nicolas Van Eenaeme
Director of Technology, Massive Media

“Scalability is one of the slickest things about Caringo, one sweet thing they did with the platform is, when you drop a new node in, it builds itself from the ground up. The new node announces itself to the main controller. If you want to add a 72 TB or petabyte node you just drop it in.”

John Gillam
CTO for Cloud Services, BT