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Hassle-Free, Limitless Object Storage

Software-defined storage with automated management and built-in protection for your data.

Enterprise IT

Cut storage costs 75%, increase resilience & secure access

Media & Entertainment

A storage platform for production, distribution & collaboration.


Self-managing, multi-tenant storage for HPC workloads.

Cloud Storage

Operational & workflow efficiencies for private, public & hybrid cloud.

Single Server Appliance

On-Prem S3 Storage
with Built-In Content Management!

Single Server Appliance with Swarm Object Storage Software Platform UI

Tech Tuesday: Measuring Performance of Object Storage

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Caringo FileFly Data Management Tool Reaches Full Bloom

Formats and methodologies for storing and distributing information continue to evolve. This means that the tools we use to manage and move data must also grow. When the Farmer’s Almanac originated in 1818, it was printed using a printing press. Fast-forward 200 years, and now it is available online as well as printed (using far […]

Object Storage Performance Benchmark

Benchmarking of Swarm Object Storage Software on a multi-Terabit converged Ethernet Software-Defined Storage Super Data Cluster deployed by STFC for the JASMIN project