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Hassle-Free, Limitless Object Storage

Software-defined storage with automated management and built-in protection for your data.

Enterprise IT

Cut storage costs 75%, increase resilience & secure access

Media & Entertainment

A storage platform for production, distribution & collaboration.


Self-managing, multi-tenant storage for HPC workloads.

Cloud Storage

Operational & workflow efficiencies for private, public & hybrid cloud.

Single Server Appliance

On-Prem S3 Storage
with Built-In Content Management!

Single Server Appliance with Swarm Object Storage Software Platform UI
storage-streamlines-workflows-video on demand and over the top

How Storage Streamlines Workflows in the VOD/OTT Era

Using Metadata with Object Storage

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Enabling “On-Demand” in Digital Video Workflows

30 years ago to the month, CERN computer scientist Tim Berners Lee published a proposal for what would become the Internet. It took another 2 years for the first web page to be published by CERN. After that, things took off. A new platform for mass communication using text and images over Hypertext Transfer Protocol […]

Object Storage Performance Benchmark

Benchmarking of Swarm Object Storage Software on a multi-Terabit converged Ethernet Software-Defined Storage Super Data Cluster deployed by STFC for the JASMIN project