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Offer a Scalable and Secure Cloud Storage Service

From an end-user's perspective, the benefits of cloud storage are clear. The on- demand, pay-as-you-go, endless capacity characteristics are extremely attractive. However, service providers and IT administrators are now tasked with enabling these "benefits" as a service. Caringo Swarm™, when combined with Caringo CloudScaler™ provide everything you need to deliver private cloud storage services secure within your data center or a public cloud storage service that can compete with Amazon S3.

Caringo Storage for Cloud Storage

Features and Benefits

For Enterprises and Service Providers


Control and easily manage massively scalable, secure cloud storage

  • Rapidly deliver a cloud storage service to your employees, business units or partners
  • Snap into existing authentication and access control systems
  • Ensure compliance and security from user management to storage access
  • Seamlessly integrates with popular cloud orchestration platforms

Service Providers

Compete with Amazon S3 and OpenStack Swift by providing enterprise features

  • Differentiate cloud storage services by offering customizable SLAs, compliance and governance features
  • Decrease storage operating costs with an industry-leading 98% disk utilization and adaptive power conservation technology
  • Enable commerce through robust metering for billing, reporting and service auditing
  • Amazon S3 API support


Use Cases

World's largest social discovery site chooses Caringo

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Private/Public Cloud Storage Infrastructure

Use Case (PDF)

Integrated Solutions


Product Briefs


Cloud Storage Software Gateway

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Citrix + Caringo

Caringo for Citrix Cloud Portal Business Manager Solutions Brief

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