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Store massive amounts of content for any amount of time.

CAStor is high performance object storage software that combines intelligent automation and Elastic Content Protection to transform commodity servers into easily scalable, fault tolerant storage that can be used to store massive amounts of content for any amount of time.

It's incredibly efficient. Squeeze every last drop of value out of your resources.

Complete storage software

CAStor is a complete software stack that boots from bare metal and includes all operating system, services and interfaces needed. It runs everything from RAM, including its distributed object index, leaving up to 98% of hard drive capacity for net content. That's why rolling upgrades on CAStor are natural and straightforward.

Shatters complexity

CAStor doesn't rely on a file system (zeroFS) or database (zeroDB) that both get brittle with size. All operational and descriptive information is encapsulated as metadata with each object. The zeroFS and zeroDB approach means storage capacity and object count can scale quickly.

Evolves with you

Use the servers, hard drive technology or network of your choice. Seamlessly add new hardware while mixing node types, hardware vendors or drive sizes, even within the same node. This lets you easily and steadily add new, more efficient hardware while retiring older nodes at the press of a button. Forklift upgrades are a thing of the past.

It's exceptionally fast. Don't let the volume, velocity or variability of your content slow you down.

Instant access

Object addressing is based off of a 128-bit unique universal identifier or unique name. When content is accessed it is located instantly (zero IOPS) and delivered in milliseconds regardless of stored capacity or object count.

Supports small & large files

CAStor's zeroFS, zeroDB, Swarm architecture, and support for replication and erasure coding provide consistent rapid performance for small (Bytes) or large (Terabytes) files.


CAStor can extract every bit of value from commodity hardware but if a power boost is needed you can choose higher performance servers, solid-state drives or 10 GigE networks to enable performance intensive workloads.

It's highly automated. Content management can be time consuming – let our software do it for you.

It's massively scalable. Capacity and performance are a plug away.

Hundreds of PBs, hundreds of billions of objects

A mind numbingly large namespace combined with Swarm architecture enables massively parallel scaling to hundreds of petabytes and hundreds of billions of objects.

Smooth and linear scaling

With the parallel nodes very loosely coupled and no bottlenecking controller nodes or metadata databases to hold you back, just add the hardware of your choice for linear scaling of capacity and throughput. You can do this at your own pace, fifty nodes at a time or smoothly one by one: no constraints for cluster expansion whatsoever.

Single or multi-site

Supports single or multi-site deployments (with massively parallel replication, both synchronous and asynchronous) to support a broad range of use cases and business requirements.

It's rock-solid reliable. Elastic protection optimizes data durability and access – for each object personally.

Optimize for durability or access

Erasure coding can be used to save footprint and increase data durability while replication can be used to ensure rapid access. CAStor also automatically replicates hot content for reliable content delivery regardless of access patterns.

No service downtime

CAStor is highly available by design, supports hot plug drives, adding/retiring disks/nodes and rolling upgrades of the full software stack – all without service downtime.

It's enterprise-ready. Demonstrate compliance, robust insight, and attentive support.

WORM and Legal Hold

Address regulatory mandates that content is stored on non-erasable, non-rewritable media. You can also use Legal Hold to create a point-in-time snapshot of a specified set of objects at a specified time that are then immutably stored regardless of what happens to the original object or cluster.

NoSQL indexing

Gain robust insight into objects stored via (the optional) Caringo Indexer. Ad hoc queries can be run on object attributes or metadata and viewed through a web-based portal or compiled as JSON or XML for import into 3rd party analytics applications.

Enterprise support

All customers have instant access to our knowledge base, FAQs, tech notes and product alerts. We also offer higher touch support packages depending on your business requirements.


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Caringo Products Overview

Get ahead of content growth – optimize your storage resources.

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CAStor® Object Storage Software

Store massive amounts of content for any amount of time.

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Caringo CAStor SDK

Software Development Kit with HTTP interface and documented API for Java, Python, C++, and C# for CAStor object storage software.

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